Third Party Activists and Candidates: The Time Has Come for Your Last Chance to Win in 2016.

The republican convention is ending today (Thursday, July 21) in Cleveland. The democratic convention begins Monday (July 25) in Philadelphia. The Green National Convention starts Thursday, August 4th in Houston. That is one week after the democratic convention is scheduled to end.
Activists and candidates, YOU CAN WIN! The Green and Libertarian parties have enough ballot access to theoretically win. They also have the POSSIBILITY of enough votes to win in a close three way race plurality. If they cooperate and coordinate their assets and maximize their votes. This is the PLAS strategy. So far these two parties have failed to do so. It may be that they are under the control of the powers that be. So, activists and candidates, it is up to you.
ALL third party activists and candidates can get involved. Because ALL third parties COULD caucus their issues within the green and/or libertarian parties. No other third party can get enough ballot access to win the presidency.(except possibly the constitution party).
Here is what I propose: Come to Philadelphia or go to Houston. Now or soon. While in Philadelphia you can get involved with the democratic convention. I PERSONALLY WILL NOT. There are several political items on my agenda in New Jersey. Then I will RV to Houston. Hopefully others will join me in a Caravan to Houston. The Great Sweep Out of 2016 Caravan. Sweep Out the democrats and republicans in 2016 like Teddy Roosevelt ALMOST did in 1912.
If a fusion ticket-progressive president, libertarian vice president, gets nominated by the Green party, then it is a matter of getting EITHER a Green OR a Libertarian on ALL the down ticket ballots. Then, finally a concerted nationwide effort to educate the voters on what you have set up for them-a viable third party alternative that COULD WIN! The Libertarian Ticket cannot be salvaged and must be shunned.
Remember I have suggested Darcy Richardson as my second choice for President on the Green ticket. I DO NOT support Jill Stein.
Others go to Houston. Prepare a place for the Caravan to go. The Convention is planned to be at the University of Houston. There may be a place, such as a large parking lot, for the Caravan to go. If not, maybe somewhere nearby can be found.
You can coordinate here at The PLAS Place. Via comments.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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