Thomas L. Knapp Announces His Candidacy for the Reform Party’s Vice-Presidential Nomination


Darcy, Tom, this could/would be a fusion ticket.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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18 Responses to Thomas L. Knapp Announces His Candidacy for the Reform Party’s Vice-Presidential Nomination

  1. “All we are saying, is give PLAS a chance.”

  2. Are you raising hell at the DNC?

  3. No, I am not crossing the Delaware in the opposite direction!
    However, online maybe.
    I’m going to ask Bernie Burnouts to join The Great Sweep Out of 2016 Caravan from Philadelphia to Houston!

  4. Yes.
    Yes, ZOG. All operations are go.
    False flag manipulation of various rightists/neo-Nazis by infiltrators-infiltraitors-dhs/fbi/mossad against the usual targets reds/commies/lgbtq. Make sure collateral damage to Bob Milnes and PLAS supporters. Make sure ZOG candidate Stein is ok and gets the nomination.

  5. How could I not? Go all that way and leave a friend in unreliable circumstances?
    First I will stop off at Refugio County police and ask them why I am doing their job? All the way from Jersey? Are you kidding me? Geddoudda here!
    But before leaving I may dig up Ruth Blumenstein. Just bought a new shovel from Lowe’s.
    Cotton swabs and ziplock bags next.

    • That won’t be necessary.

      • Hey. No problem.
        What are friends for, anyway?
        And we really should check up on the elderly and people living alone, what with all the heat and stuff.

    • What are the cotton swabs and ziplock bags for?

      • Well, if the grave is dug up, there are only a certain number of possibilities.
        One, she is in there, her dead body.
        2. She is not in there. No dead body.
        3. There is a dead body but not hers.
        4. There is an urn of ashes.
        2 or 4 something is immediately known to be awry.
        1 or 3, there must be a way to determine which is the case.
        Genetic testing. Swab the mouth, maybe 3 or 4 samples.

  6. Or from there to Boulder, CO. Visit Nancy’s grave.
    I’d like to get out of the Deep South ASAP.

  7. Gravedigger Ernesto says:

    We already explain to you, esse. We dug it up and found nothing but the loot and a dead chihuahua. Mis amigos already hauled off all the loot.

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