Our American Elections are not Fair or Representative; an International Disgrace.

We in America take pride in our elections. We believe they are fair and any/all ballots counted etc. We take pride in our Constitution and our system of government. The principle of one person one vote. Fair elections. Acceptance of the results etc. We participate in the international supervision of elections. e.g. President Carter has done that. We are confident and prideful. We have it DOWN!
Well I have participated in the four year cycle of Presidential elections for the most part of four times now. I am an old man now. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve also not seen a lot. But I never thought I would live to see the day I would say that the American system is flawed, very flawed. To the point of being unfair, unrepresentative, Further, corrupt, criminal. Further, the reason behind many political dirty tricks all the way up to kidnapping, murder, cover up, etc. Criminal to the point of crimes against humanity. Yes, right in the very epitome of democracy, fairness and full representation, The UNITED STATES of America.
Everyone in the world can see our system is not as representative as many in the world. Coalition governments, Parliamentary have much broader representation than our de facto two party system. labor party, liberal party, conservative, nationalist, socialist/social democrats, religious etc coalitions. Many say that even this is really a one party system with two polarized sides, liberal (democrats) and conservative(republican). And everyone knows a one party system is a de facto dictatorship. e.g. Soviet Union, China, North Korea.
How did this happen? How long has this been going on?
Trump says the election can be or is rigged. He is correct-sort of. He is thinking in terms of ballot box stuffing/election identity fraud in order to tip a close election in an otherwise fair election. This is TRIFLING compared to the magnitude of what is actually happening and has been for at least 100 years. For DECADES the powers that be-i.e. the democrats and republicans, do whatever is necessary to make sure the process winnows down to only the democrat or republican has any chance to win. Then they slug it out between them. So the fix is in that only a democrat or republican can win although it outwardly appears that it is a fair process. The other parties don’t win because they don’t get anywhere near enough votes. BUT THEY COULD under fair circumstances. In America the Green, Libertarian and also the Constitution party COULD win under fair circumstances. The trick is to make the process appear fair when actually the fix is in from the beginning of the cycle, before actually.
If people actually voted as they believed, there would be five major party contenders for the Presidency in America. The centrist/moderate
reactionary democrats and Republicans, leftist/progressive Greens, Libertarians and rightist/nationalist Constitutions. 17%, 17%, 27%, 13%, 27%. Also there would probably be Independents. They would be the wild cards depending on how many votes they took from which major party. And unlike now where Independents have virtually no chance of winning, in this American ideal they would have a fair chance of winning. There would not be ANY battleground states. Or rather ALL states would be battleground states. All votes would count and there would be no voting for the lesser of two evils. It would be a close five way race plus Independents. Downticket winners and losers would vary. The House and Senate and Governors and State House and Senates would also vary. This would be the ideal American outcome of fair and representative.
But somehow this democrat and republican dominated system is in place and self perpetuating. Powerfully and getting stronger with time.
The PLAS system I tried to introduce(Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy) would have set up a much fairer, more representative system. If the Green and Libertarian parties BOTH nominated a fusion ticket i.e. a leftist/progressive president/libertarian vice president, then set up EITHER a Green OR a Libertarian on all downticket ballots, they could win in a close plurality in a de facto three way race. The Constitution/nationalist candidate would be eliminated mostly due to recent party disfunction. But this never gained traction.
But why is the present duopoly so strong and getting stronger?
Many reasons. History, tradition, fear of political and/or ecomomic change by the American voters. Propaganda/brainwashing by the powers that be. etc.
And there is a far more ominous, insidious reason. The exponential increase of political power of the cooperation of American and Israeli Intelligence.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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