Arson Against My Cousin Latest DHS/FBI/Mossad Covert Operation?

Here is my understanding of what happened: My cousin Karen called 5 am yesterday morning. She told me there was a fire at her house(trailer) the previous morning (late night) starting at/near her Chevy SUV. She parks it literally right next to her trailer due to parking space problems. She needed cigarettes! I said sure and went over to get her debit card and checked it out. Then I went to the store.
Her truck was gone. She said it was heavily burned and towed away by arson investigators. The side of the trailer was very scorched. Siding and skirting melted. Windows broken, 2 side doors open, presumably done by firefighters. Much scorched debris around. Water damage. Strong smoke odor. Electric shut off; an extension cord led from next door. So there was lights and she said her refrig. was plugged in. Also her electrician was scheduled to come there in 2 hours. Her and husband Dave were ok. They were awakened by fire/smoke/CO detectors and quickly got out. Firefighters came quickly.
Further background: There is a longstanding feud between my other cousin, Pam, Karen’s half sister, and her boyfriend/husband? Andy and Karen and Dave. Something about Andy beats on Pam, both are heroin addicts, neglect 2 special needs kids? Pam should kick out Andy etc. Karen said there was a barbecue that afternoon/evening and Pam and Andy were there. Whether anything happened then I don’t know. Later 3 witnesses saw Andy near Chevy just before flames.
Well this seems pretty straightforward. Except for the coincidence that I was in the process of asking Karen to lend me money to hire lawyer and go to CA. So, DHS/FBI/Mossad gets Andy to fire up the Chevy. They know the trailer will catch fire also. Both Chevy and trailer are uninsured. Bob gets cut out of any loan. Andy gets told not to worry. Fix is in, he won’t even get charged.
to be continued.

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