At This Late Date, Can the Disgraceful, Corrupted 2016 American Elections be Salvaged?

Americans are accustomed to the disgraceful, corrupted Presidential elections every four years. That quickly it becomes a matter of only two candidates, the democrat and the republican nominee has any realistic chance of winning. They actually think this is normal. But this year the two candidates are so bad, their negatives are so bad, that people are wondering what is going on. They are looking for a viable alternative and there is not one.
There SHOULD BE 6 choices actually for all Americans. The democrat, republican, Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Reform.
The last time there was a significant challenger to the corrupted duopoly was 1992 Ross Perot with the Reform party. Before that, 1912 Teddy Roosevelt the Progressive party which today would be the Green party equivalent.
But there are two factors this time that may significantly alter the outcome. That is the emergence of Israeli interference in the election and its attack on at least one candidate, me. These attacks are so extreme and criminal that they should be addressed. If there was a legal action pursued in U.S. District Court with standing and evidence of extreme abuses, the Court could possibly order remedy. I would suggest the remedy of ordering the various Secretaries of State in charge of placing names/tickets on the ballots to place all 6 on all ballots, plus perhaps 3-5 others, Independents. This would not be a perfect remedy, but it might be significant enough to declare that the 2016 Presidential election would then be on a much more level playing field. Down ticket ballots are another issue.
Unfortunately I am not in a position to pursue such a legal remedy. I have been unable to obtain legal assistance. I suspect that part of the suppression of my campaign was/is to prevent me from obtaining legal assistance. Also, even if I had compatible, competent legal assistance, I have little in the way of proof or even evidence of significant interference in the campaigns. Because PRECISELY the ones who should be investigating campaign criminal irregularities are the ones committing them or allowing the democrats, republicans and/or Israel to commit them, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. Covert operations conducted in secret and covered up.
This then leads to my request of the First Responders and Marines. To take on the DHS and FBi as corrupt organizations (RICO). And simultaneously to identify, locate, and arrest any Israeli Mossad agents and/or operatives operating within the U.S.
What is the rationale and authority for the Marines to surround DHS/FBI buildings and call the local First Responders to arrest everyone inside? The Constitution. All soldiers and First Responders have taken an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution from any enemy, domestic or foreign. We have a situation where the Constitution is being horribly violated. They cannot obey, they must resist, orders that violate the Constitution or that are issued by government officials that violate the Constitution.
Ultimately the President of the UNITED STATES is in authority. So they must decide whether an order by the President to cease and desist such an operation to remedy violations of the Constitution should be obeyed or not.
That is their authority and responsibility as individual Marines and First Responders.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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