Possibly Last Chance to Salvage Rigged 2016 Elections.

As I have written previously, I believe the 2016 elections, along with all since at least 1912, have been rigged.
Also, after my outrageous experience -unjust conviction, discrediting, character assassination- in U.S. District Court via the fbi, see: USA v Robert W. Milnes 1985 E. District PA, I am skeptical of U.S. Courts.
However, nevertheless, there is a possible remedy.
If I had competent, compatible legal assistance, which I never have,(and this is part of legal reform) I believe I have legal standing as a former third party presidential candidate and crime victim, to file an individual and/or class action suit. Unfortunately I do not have such assistance and wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the fbi has prevented me from obtaining such. And I do not have proof, even substantial evidence, of election irregularities, precisely because the entity with jurisdiction is precisely the entity conducting domestic covert operations aka political dirty tricks i.e. the dhs/fbi with assistance from the mossad.
The working hypothesis is that as a victim of political dirty tricks, myself and the various other candidates and third parties, the U.S. Courts could be petitioned and provide-order-remedy.
Remedy would be based on the fact of U.S. plurality rule winner take all elections. This favors a two party system see: Duverger’s Law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/duverger%27s_law
This considered with my working hypothesis that in the standard linear graph of political leanings with bell curve describes the electorate divided into three equal (33 1/3%) parts. The center of the bell is the centrists, the moderates, the reactionaries, which is presently divided between the more left liberal democrats and the more rightist conservative republicans. To the left of the democrats is the leftist progressives, socialists etc. To the right are the various rightist parties. The libertarians are kind of a mix of in between. The centrists are about 1/3 of the electorate which split in half makes about 17% each. We call them the 2 major parties but actually they are not. They are the center, the status quo parties. The leftists and rightists are the other 2/3 and since they are not split/polarized are about 27% each. The other 13% are the libertarians which has been researched by Cato Institute in The Libertarian Vote. The Reform party is primarily a centrist party which would further split the centrist vote with the democrats and republicans. We saw this in 1992 and 1996 with Ross Perot’s Reform party campaign. PLAS, the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy, which I advocate, would combine the progressive 27% vote with the libertarian 13% vote to form a 40% plurality win.
The prolonged prevalence of the plurality rule duopoly system in the U.S. has led to political corruption. This has been exascerbated by the direct involvement of Israel, its Mossad and zealous support of Jewish Americans. This is in support of the democrats and republicans and suppression of virtually any/all third parties. This is where I come in personally as victim of various covert operations also known as political dirty tricks.
If this were done, I would seek remedy along these lines: 6 major party tickets be ordered on all states’ ballots. Democrat 17%, Republican (17%), Reform (unknown %), Green (27%), Libertarian (13%), Constitution (27%). Plus perhaps 4 independent tickets (unknown %) just to round it out at 10. Should there be more inclusive debates etc. Independents are listed on http://www.politics1.com. Also allow parties to change tickets at this late date. For example, the reform party had only nine voting delegates to their convention and two significant tickets in which one won by one vote 5-4! Also I imagine there would be significant interest in the Republican party in changing their ticket. Whether it succeeded or not to be seen. But the Court could order the possibility of such remedy.
Also, the Court could order the CPD to conduct the debates with all -10?- recognized major tickets.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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