The Godforsaken Existence and Destiny of the Jews and Israel. OR, The Jews and Me.

First of all, I deny the accusation of being anti-Semitic, racist. I have seen how quickly that knee jerk reaction comes. Just mention the words “the jews” and one is looked at askance, here in the USA. I myself supported the U.N. partition of Palestine, the Two State Solution until very recently. Come to figure out the U.N. made a colossal blunder here. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I’m sure, what with the aftermath of the most devastating war in history and all these jewish refugees. This was done with good intentions, I’m sure.
Yet, time has shown that this Israel thing has become the racist, apartheid state. The worst terrorist state in the world, in part because it has nuclear weapons. Could you imagine if Iran or The Taliban government of Afghanistan had nuclear weapons? Yet we accept Israel. Why? WHY? But finally, the Green party endorsed The One State Solution, which I now support, a secular, united Palestine. Not artificially partitioned into a Jewish and an Arab state. Was this Arab state assumed to be Islamic? With Sharia law and an incipient Caliphate? And NOT have nuclear weapons? Logically, in order to be balanced with Israel, it should have nuclear weapons. NOW it could be seen as a menace to the world! Not to be allowed, suppressed by Israel. But Israel has a problem now. It has a low birth rate, associated with a high standard of living. Israel’s huge economic success has led to a near balance of population, where Israeli Arabs could VOTE IN a secular Israel! Then vote for UNIFICATION! What then?
But why is this so? Why does Israel have such a low birth rate? Why does Israel have nuclear weapons, one of very few nations to have them? And how did it manage to avoid the NNPT? Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Why were there so many jews in the Manhattan Project? Why were the 2 leaders jews? Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller. Further, why are so disproportionate number of Nobel Prize winners jews? Further, Why was Albert Einstein a jew? Were all the non-Jewish physicists and mathematicians of the world incompetent? Further, why was at about the same time frame the foremost psychoanalyst a jew? Sigmund Freud. And his most consistent student and heir apparent a jew? Wilhelm Reich.
Who are these people, the jews? Where did they come from? Originate? Why are they homeless, stateless, throughout history? Until recently. And despised? Wherever they go. Surrounded by mischief and mayhem, persecution…and war? Yet, on the other hand, part of history, making many discoveries, achieving much in the arts and sciences, medicine -the Salk vaccine-and politics and culture?
Let us ask these questions. And answer them, if we can. They are legitimate questions. And let us not allow ourselves to be called anti Semitic, racist for doing so.
The problem, at least for me, comes now. I have been trying to form a progressive movement in the USA. IMO this is absolutely necessary for the further progress of humankind, a quantum leap. Bad enough I encountered the fbi as adversary, what with all the illegal domestic surveillance and covert operations. Turns out Israel is directly deliberately in the way. A HUGE impediment. The fbi has exponentially expanded its power by allying with Israel which can call upon its zealous supporters, jewish Americans for unquestioning support.
9/25 Sunday Evening. On PBS there was a movie this evening. Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War. The story of the Sharps, a married couple from USA associated with the Unitarian Church. Who undertook to help refugees including many jews escape the European war theater, many getting to USA. I couldn’t see or hear most of it due to bad reception on my digital tv. But I did see the trailer on the web. I saw one escape route getting to the French Mediterranean coast to Spain to Madrid to Lisbon, Portugal, to England. Martha Sharp evidently continued to help jews after the war until her death.
How many people would have helped the jews get to America if they knew that they would take advantage there? To succeed disproportionately financially. Further, to live consequent bourgeois, elitist, aristocratic, intelligentsia luxurious bon vivant type lifestyles, even decadent. Deliberately avoiding labor intensive, dangerous, risky occupations; except venture capitalism with other people’s money, being sure to receive exorbitant fees. Consider how many jews are in the coal mines of Appalachia or were First Responders on 9/11. Not many, I would guess. I myself worked on a hypothetical plan for a military operation to paratroop into Eastern Europe to liberate POW and concentration camps and setting up of a defensive line to prevent Soviet advance. Further, to funnel this disparate wealth to Israel to be used by the Zionists there for persecution of Palestinians, becoming a military/nuclear terrorist state and Mossad interference in USA elections to thwart a progressive movement.
There are many such movies in America e.g. Schindler’s List, The Diary of Ann Frank, The Stranger, amounting to pro Zionist brainwashing of Americans.
What is the destiny of the jews and Israel? Clearly the present situation is to their huge advantage. So naturally the Zionists will press their advantage and support the status quo. Up to and including genocide against Palestinians and Mossad murder of anyone they want anywhere in the world. But I have proposed a plan via the U.N. to stop this. The U.N. created Israel, the U.N. should uncreate it. Rescind the Resolutions that created Israel. Then compel U.N. members to take their fair share of responsibility. Take in their fair percentage of the jews. The jews must be thwarted by Diaspora. They must not be allowed to take advantage by deliberately concentrating their population in a few areas especially a superpower the U.S. and liberal, generous states like the E.U. Jewish wealth, ill gotten gains, must be confiscated and controlled by a U.N. Trustee.

To be continued…

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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