What in Hell Was I Doing Way Out in the Middle of Nowhere While John O”Neill Was in WTC on 9/11?

Fate? Coincidence?
John O’Neil (b. 1952 Atlantic City, NJ) was…well, see: The Man Who Knew. -Frontline PBS.

As far as I am concerned, he was a Hero of 9/11. A martyr. Despite being an fbi agent, he was a great man, a cops cop. I have great respect for him. He died, murdered, in one of the greatest metropolitan centers of the world, cultural, scientific, financial, political. In one of the greatest, tallest skyscrapers in history. Brought down in a colossal act of destruction, terrorism, heinous treachery. In a concrete jungle, NY, NY aka Heimietown.
As already written about here at The PLAS Place, I (b. 1952 Camden, NJ) was in the National Forest on the Wild and Scenic North Fork of the American River(CA) sluicing for gold on 9/11. I was not alone. I was with another man, somewhat older than I. NOT my mining partner Mark K., who did not go with us. I can’t quite recall the exact circumstances for that. But I do know that this is a highly inefficient way to find gold and this was a historically gold rich area and still is. It is a remote forest. Pristine, protected by law. Dangerous, possibly, in places. Nevertheless, a great place. And I was there primarily at the urging of this one man. I really would not be there except for him. Kind of like me being at that bar at the urging of Bruce Reilly, who wound up being arrested there for kidnapping with a 357 and plenty of hollow point bullets in his possession. see: State of NJ v Bruce Reilly 1984.
Let us go directly to the hypothesis that O’Neill being in the WTC on 9/11 was prearranged. Knowing full well that he, along with many others, civilian and First Responders would probably be injured and/or killed. That he was seen as a threat to expose Israel as perpetrator via his extensive knowledge of intelligence and Al Quaida. That is, it did not have the capability to accomplish 9/11. That means O’Neill had to have been gradually set up, manipulated, managed as it were. And before that extensively surveilled -researched-, profiled, file stored in some sort of databank, along with many others. Actually it is possible that EVERYONE has been done so. So he was nudged gradually from a top position in the fbi to the head of security of the WTC over perhaps a few year timetable. All the while he thinks his life, his decisions, his personal plans were his own. To a large extent, NOT! That would mean that 9/11 was formulated and actively pursued by U.S. (CIA), Saudi (GID) and Israeli (Mossad) years before the fact.
Now, if O’Neill was so effectively maneuvered to the time and place of his death, what about me? Well, at the time, I had not yet become involved in presidential level third party politics. That started about 2004. But I believe I was long before classified as a possible insurgent leader. So, if I was on some sort of potential hit list, what better time and place than 9/11 in the middle of nowhere, virtually alone. It would have been a simple matter for 2 or 3 husky, trained operatives-read: assassins- to e.g. ambush me at the river’s edge, quickly drown, then place the body face down in the channel to float downstream to be “accidentally” discovered by some random person. Quickly being concluded the victim of an accident upstream. All that was needed would be the order to go forward with the operation. Evidently that order (if there was one) was aborted.
I’ll let the readers draw their own conclusions.
Addendum. 9/28/2016. Any discussion of 9/11, counterterrorism intelligence, military to civilian service, security, WTC, should include Rick Rescorla.

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