President Obama Attends Funeral of Shimon Peres. Gives the World The Finger.

I just happened to see his eulogy live. It was on Digital Channel 35-3 F24 locally. At about 4-4:30 a.m. local Philadelphia time. I have sleeping problems and was on the computer browsing and channel surfing on tv. I did not see it live on any other channel locally. However, I do not get cable.
“…never send to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.” Some of Obama’s quotes. I have no problem with a man, or woman, attending another’s funeral. But Mr. Obama is not just any man; Nor was Peres. As the President noted, Peres was the last of the original founders of the State of Israel. And that, Israel, is the problem. The apartheid, counterrevolutionary, theocratic state of Israel.
For centuries, millennia, jewish Zionsts have called for the creation of a jewish homeland, to be called Israel. They seized the opportunity at the end of WWII with the disposition of the British Mandate in Palestine. They petitioned the newly formed United Nations for partition of Palestine into a mostly coastal Israel, due to immigration of jewish refugees by boat after the war. The rest left to its own to form a state for the Palestinians out of the rest of the land. Perhaps it seemed like a good idea at the time; certainly well intentioned. What with the catastrophe of the war, especially in Europe. But in spite of the good intentions, Israel has morphed into a terrorist state with perhaps about 100 nuclear weapons, enough to destroy civilization via nuclear winter, perhaps the worst terrorist state in the world, perhaps in history.
Most of the world hates Israel, with ample cause. And hates the U.S. for enabling it. It virtually by definition MUST be at war and/or defending itself nearly everywhere, forever. De jure, de facto apartheid, Israeli persecution, oppression, genocide, imperialism against the Palestinians is just the tip of the iceberg. Their religion, Judaism, is at best tolerant of others. It must be in conflict with all other religions by definition as a theocracy. Further as nationalists, Zionists are neofascist, counterrevolutionary. Therefore are in conflict with all other nationalists; quite comparable to Nazi Germany. Yes, ironic, indeed. As counterrevolutionaries, they must suppress any/all liberal/leftist movements in the world, including, ESPECIALLY, in the U.S. Could you imagine President Roosevelt attending the funeral of a high Nazi Party official? What if President Obama were to attend the funeral of an Isis, North Korean, Iranian, Syrian? Or a Saudi. Yes. Indeed, 9/11 was an attack, a terrorist act of war. 15 of the 19, 16 of the probable 20, were Saudis. Where is the explanation? The non whitewashed investigation? The trials? The redress for 9/11 Families? In effect, we are at war with Saudi Arabia. And Israel.
Presently there are Presidential elections in the U.S. I say they are far beyond unfair and unrepresentative. They are corrupt. Much of it is due to Israeli interference. Yet the U.S. has recently signed a MOU for a record military aid package for Israel! That is absurd and MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. I say Israel has poisoned then kidnapped and/or murdered several people involved in my family, friends, political supporters. Various heinous covert operations against all third parties and candidates. Secretly, via their Mossad. Equivalent to our CIA/FBI. My father is presently in a jewish run institution against my will. I cannot visit him or even be informed as to whether he is still there or not. Further, with their-dhs/fbi/cia wink, wink, nod, nod and even instigation, active participation, collusion. Where is the explanation, investigation, trials, redress?
The President knows all this, I’m confident.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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