UNITED STATES Marines, American First Responders: RESCUE AMERICA!…and my father.

U.S. and Israel, staunch allies in the war on terror.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Well, how does this sound?
Israel, a nuclear armed apartheid terrorist state, is enabled by the U.S. via the United Nations, and manipulates it to join in terrorizing the world, inviting blowback. The Israeli Mossad attacks often killing anyone it wants to in the world, including the USA. The dhs/fbi/cia allows this. It, dhs/fbi/cia and the Mossad and Saudi intelligence GID engineered 9/11. Bringing down the Twin Towers and 7 WTC buildings and impacting the Pentagon. The other target was evidently The Capitol or The White House.
This is accomplished by corrupt, misguided American politicians and government agents and disproportionately wealthy jewish Americans zealously supporting Israel.
About 1/3 of ALL jews in the world are in the USA!!! About 6 million. About 1/3 are in Israel 6 million. The rest are scattered around the world, MOSTLY in the middle east and Europe; NOT Asia, Africa, Central/South America i.e. generally the poorer regions of the world.
This situation is exacerbated and perpetuated by increasingly corrupt elections in the USA; supported by Israel via AIPAC American Israeli Political Action Committee. The elections are in November. My campaign for President was effectively suppressed by various covert operations.
Marines, First Responders, your goal is to rescue America from this situation.
The mission is to surround all dhs/fbi/cia buildings. Then call the police, the First Responders. They must arrest everyone inside on state RICO charges. Corrupt organizations: dhs, fbi, cia. Then let due process go forward.
I have done some research. Armed federal agents number about 120,000. There are about 120,000 Marines, active 80,000 and reserve 40,000. So that is about 1-1 manpower. There are about 1.1 million First Responders police. Plus firefighters and paramedics. That is at least 10-1. There is enough manpower to accomplish the mission.
The greatest threat is from the Mossad and Israel. They might resort to chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapons.
My father is in a jewish managed rehabilitation institution contracted by the Veterans Administration. Care One in Moorestown, Burlington County, NJ. This was done by my sister as POA without my knowledge or assent. She accomplished becoming Power of Attorney under false pretenses. She said she was taking him to an attorney, Neuner and Ventura of Marlton, Burlington County, NJ to make a will. Later I found out she had him sign her as POA in order to sign checks to pay his bills etc. She is using/abusing that power over him. I believe she is in collusion with government agents thus committing elder abuse. I am not permitted to see him under penalty of trespass charge. I am not given his condition or even whether he is actually there still or not. I verified he was still there by a friend’s visit and report on Wednesday. He must be rescued from this.
Come get me. And my father. I will join you.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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