I Say William Stinglen Death Scene FAKE.

Yes, I saw the death scene. He was sitting in his Lazy Boy with his headphones on in front of his big screen which was on. All looked in order.
Yet, something is wrong. ANOTHER coincidence? Another death or mischief or mayhem in my circle of family, friends, supporters? My dad a virtual hostage in an institution, my sister in charge of whether I can visit him or not, William S. Saturn an online friend, something happened to him in August 2013, my political mentor Dr. McFarland dead of cancer in 2008, Ruth, Nancy, Pat and Doris Klinkenberg dead of cancer, and Doris Klinkenberg, her son, Mark evidently victim of germ warfare, ADEM, WTF? A clear case of disproving my wild claims that there has been poisonings, kidnappings, fake deaths, fake funerals, germ warfare etc. Here was a case where everything was in order….
No. What if this was a covert operation specifically directed at ME. For me to be bamboozled into realizing how wrong I have been. To have to say so which I did in so many words in previous post.
Readers: Hey Bob, you saw with your own eyes your own Uncle lying there dead. You said so on your blog which you tell everyone you write about your thoughts, ideas and observations. Therefore you must be wrong about your previous writings about dead people. Don’t you see how crazy that is? There were no poisonings, kidnappings, germ warfare, cover up via cremation and fake funerals etc.
I see that the government is very powerful. I have made allegations that if true make one realize that NOTHING said or done by the government is necessarily true or reliable. In other words I saw something that looked like my Uncle in a perfectly logical death scene in his own apartment, in his own Lazy Boy. How could that not be?
BECAUSE I WAS IN A SITUATION CONTROLLED BY THE GOVERNMENT WHICH IS UNRELIABLE/CORRUPT, THEREFORE NOTHING I SEE OR DO IS RELIABLE. I have evidently been the victim of covert operations so many times I have become sensitized. I no longer take ANYTHING for granted. e.g. that was my uncle. No, could have been a very good likeness, a mannequin. In his apartment, yes. In his own Lazy Boy. yes. That would be virtually impossible to be not true. But that is precisely the point. When so many things seem reliable, it ALL MUST BE RELIABLE. That is how one is fooled. That is how a covert operation works.
Mission Impossible. Star Trek. Sherlock Holmes, Elementary. Murder, She Wrote. This is the world of covert operations, in the real world, not the tv and movies world.
But why? At first I thought it had something to do with his DNA. That he has paternity with Aleasha, Ruth’s granddaughter. And Aleasha’s DNA is the only proof available in an autopsy of Ruth’s body if exhumed. But no, that can’t be it. My DNA or any of Uncle Bill’s family could be used for that. And a cremation would eliminate all that evidence of a possible crime scene.
No, I-I- was the target here. To print on my own blog things that would directly contradict my previous claims -wild stories about bodies and poisonings, kidnappings, germ wafare etc.
NO, I do not recant any of my allegations. This was not my Uncle but a very good imitation. A mannequin, a VERY good mannequin. Good enough to be able to fool mourners at a funeral. Or traumatized observers at a death scene. etc. Or it was him in a very deep death imitating state. I’m not sure because I’m not in the loop as to how these operations work.
Or, of course, it was him. The government doesn’t control everything. Maybe he died of natural causes just as stated. But I was there in the presence of a police officer. I can’t start exploring his dead body to verify whether it is a corpse or an mannequin. Or whether he is in some sort of induced death imitation state. If it was as it was before, we were roommates, then it would have been me that discovered him, not her. I would have known or be in a better position to determine, what was going on.

Addendum 10/19 Wednesday. For the record. I did not see Bill’s phone. A new smartphone. His girlfriend said to Terri the manager “Here is his wallet, with money in it.” (probably not much) But no mention of his phone. I did not see it and I was looking for it. So, where is it? These days a person’s phone, and computer, are of primary importance as to what is going on in one’s life. He didn’t have a computer. And this was a smartphone, loaded with info. Extremely important in any potential crime scene. Gone.


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8 Responses to I Say William Stinglen Death Scene FAKE.

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  2. Not only can neither Nathan Norman nor Robert Milnes post on the page but now anyone who mentions us will be banned.

    This is a libertarian?

  3. Yes, I saw that.
    He is way off on some sort of self righteous politically correct tangent.

  4. Wahid Tariq Fasal says:

    He is a communist, actually. Ziocommunist in fact.

  5. Zack Favaloro says:

    If you were a friend of bill please contact me. Thanks

    • Yes, Zack. Bill and I were friends. Actually he was my uncle but we were raised more like brothers being the same age.
      Thank you for commenting here at The PLAS Place.
      No offense but I would appreciate you verifying it is really you.
      One of the last things he did was ask me to use my computer to contact you and his sister Joanne Byrne, who is my aunt.
      I located you and aunt Joanne, got phone numbers and he contacted you both.
      He said you and he conversed more than once. Joanne did talk with him and me. However she refused further contact.
      Now Zack, please sit down.
      I do not think your father is dead. I think he was poisoned, along with several others and kidnapped and taken to Israel. Their funerals faked.
      You have many family members around here in the Philadelphia, NJ area including your half sisters, Alicia Blumenstein Stinglen, and Melanie Duffy.
      You have first cousins, me and my sister Pat. Karen and Lisa Stinglen. Buddy Walker and his sister Vicky.
      Now, I invite you to come and visit. In the least you can stay at my place.
      But if you do, I am going to ask you to help me exhume Ruth Blumenstein’s grave in nearby Cherry Hill to prove her body is not there.
      If you are anything like your father, you will.

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