Proposal for Court Ordered Remedy for Present Elections Situation: Top Ten.

At this late date in the election cycle, it still might be possible to remedy the present unfair and unrepresentative election situation. I call it Top Ten.
This is my proposed remedy to Duverger’s Law, which is an unfair and unrepresentative consequence of the winner take all/plurality American election system.
In recent American election history, there has been 6 significant political parties. This actually accurately reflects the reality of a political linear with bell curve graph of left, center and right. The left, the Green party. The right, the Constitution party. The center, the Democratic, Republican and Reform parties. The sixth is the Libertarian party which claims to be neither left, right or center. It is actually very far right with leftist overtones (left libertarians and right libertarians).
–A fundamental principle here is the working hypothesis that the political left, right and center are about 1/3 of the electorate each. A constant, election cycle after election cycle, generation after generation. Assuming this to be correct, which I do, this points out the blatant unfairness and unrepresentative nature of the existing American voting system. For example, the democrats and republicans each routinely get cycle after cycle about 50% of the vote. Yet a breakdown of the actual vote places them at about 17% (about 1/2 of 33%) each. The actual contest should, under fair and representative circumstances, be between the leftists and rightists at about 27% each. The democrats and republicans would have to merge their parties, or form a new party or bolt en masse to the Reform party in order to compete. The libertarian vote, about 13%, would become decisive, perhaps vital for winning.–
Also there has been a few Independents/tickets who have managed to get on enough ballots to possibly win. Most notably Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez in 2008. But there is an argument that under more fair and representative circumstances there may very well have been more Independents. There certainly are many Independents listed on politics1 dot com. So I would propose that four Independents/tickets which would make an even ten would be a good compromise number.
So we would need some sort of preliminary election/primary/convention system to winnow down the numbers of potential presidential and down ticket candidates to ten.
To provide for 10 candidates/tickets to run for each of the 10 ballots would in our present situation allow for the 6 significant parties to in effect do-over their primaries/conventions this cycle. Then in effect 40 Independents/tickets to run for the 4 other ballots.
And 10 candidates would be a convenient number for potential debates.
I don’t see much of this happening without a U.S. District Court Order.
Addendum: To clarify, I am proposing a U.S. District Court Order such that it orders all Secretarys of State personnel to put AT LEAST the 6 parties and 4 Independents on all ballots. Therefore everyone who votes would have a candidate who significantly represents their political beliefs generally; all parts of the political bell curve have at least one general representative candidate on all ballots. This should counter the effects of Duverger’s Law.
–To be sure, I would be interested in some sort of litigation about this. As an individual, a candidate and also part of a class action. However I have been unable to secure legal assistance. Also I am unable to furnish to the Court significant proof or even evidence of wrongdoing, hence damages requiring such remedy, by federal and/or Mossad agents or politicians or operatives. This is because it is precisely those who are supposed to be protecting my rights and investigating violations that are perpetrating them.–

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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