America, You Want Change. OMG! You Got It.

I remember when George Bush was elected. OMG, he’s actually going to win! And…OMG, he’ll probably get reelected! 8 years of this moron!?
In Germany, a huge rise in anti government neo Nazis. A direct result of increasingly allowing foreigners, particularly Muslims, to immigrate.
Similarly recently when Great Britain voted for Brexit. OMG! What are they thinking!?
And now this. I did not predict it, but now that it has happened, it is clear what happened. America was given no choice. It wanted change and The Donald was the only change available.
The other possible change was successfully suppressed. Bernie Sanders. Sanders and Trump were the political outliers that made the most noise in 2016. But Billary, the status quo reactionary, successfully defeated Bernie for the nomination. Bernie represented the left, the socialist-democratic socialist, the Independent who caucuses with the Democrats. Trump on the other hand is a political undefined. Like Bernie professing with the change word.
In political parlance the word change is usually associated with revolution of some sort. Political, social, cultural etc. Leftist. But…counterrevolution is also change. Rightist. And here is where on the political spectrum we see Trump.
5 a.m. To be continued. Gotta get some sleep!

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to America, You Want Change. OMG! You Got It.

  1. Marty Markowitz says:

    How did Robert Milnes not win this election? I thought your rally would seal the deal. Are you running again?

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