OMG! What if The ZOG Wanted Trump to Win All Along?

Israel is a racist, apartheid, counterrevolutionary theocracy.
In America, the third party counterrevolutionary theocrats are represented by the Constitution party.
It, like all the third parties and independents cannot win in the USA due to Duverger’s Law.
BUT, however, a counterrevolutionary candidate could possibly win the GOP nomination. And the election.
Much like a leftist (revolutionary) like Bernie Sanders COULD possibly win the democratic nomination. Then the election.
But the ZOG doesn’t want the left, or the right, to win. It is the reactionary parties, the democrats and republicans, who zealously support Israel.
But the democratic party is gradually embracing diversity, inclusivism, intermarriage etc.
Israel wants America for itself, to plunder. All that money!, Land!, military power, technology, soldiers (cannon fodder for their wars) white young, rich available fertile, nubile, gentile women! etc.
Interracial marriage would ruin that. So, Israel needs a plan to get rid of the Muslims in America. And Hispanics. And Blacks.
Trump didn’t mention blacks much during the campaign. If I am right about this, there is a plan to do something about blacks in America.
Note: Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have both been impregnated by a jew. Coincidence?
Since the American elections ALWAYS come down to a nearly 50/50 close race between the two parties, it would be a simple matter of once having decided which will win, to manipulate the controlled circumstances and the controlled media to tip the balance. This would explain FBI Director Comey’s announcement about Billary’s emails. That would be known to suppress Clinton’s vote and motivate Trump supporters.
I noticed a similar phenomenon in the libertarian convention nomination. The first ballot was close. Then the second ballot was slightly over 50%. So it looked like a fair vote. But I believe the delegates were stacked by known and controlled ex GOP, Constitution, Tea Party people who call themselves libertarians but are actually rightists of varying types.
This vastly rigs elections more than ballot stuffing or indentity theft etc. as implied by Trump.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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