The 2016 Election: How Do I Rig Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

1. American elections are most votes makes winner and winner takes all. This has been going on for decades, centuries. In most elections all over the world throughout history. This has a very strong tendency to result in a contest between the two most centrist parties; all others being virtually shut out. This phenomenon is called Duverger’s Law. see: In the USA that is the democratic and republican parties. I have proposed a remedy: Top Ten. see previous posts.
2. Fake news. It has been reported that most fake news is pro Trump/anti Clinton.
3. Hacking. It only takes a few tens of thousands of votes to flip a close state result.
4. Clinton’s damned emails! If deliberately slowly leaked it would tend to suppress Clinton’s vote, energize her opposition. This went on for several months.
5. Mass disinformation, inculcation, propaganda that Clinton would inevitably win. This would cause disparate vote suppression in favor of Trump; Billary’s supporters, confident of victory, would relax, taking off some of the pressure to vote at all.
6. Sequence of emergence of the final two major candidates. Once Bernie Sanders was eliminated, many of his voters, still wanting “change” defected to Trump. This made Sanders a stalking horse for the democrats to suppress the leftist/progressive vote via the Green party. Much as Ron Paul in 2008 was a stalking horse for the republican party against the libertarian party.

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