Donald Trump=Adolf Hitler? I Don’t Think So.

I just visited Andy Jacob’s Blog. I do not think Andy Jacobs is operating Andy Jacob’s Blog. However Andy Jacob’s Blog and The PLAS Place are listed on IPR-X. But I assure the reader that I am operating The PLAS Place.
Anyway, Andy Jacob’s Blog is loaded with neo Nazi, Aryan Nations sort of stuff. Trump is exalted as the new Hitler. I’m sorry, my fellow white boys, THAT he is not. His daughter, Ivanka is married to a jew and has two half jewish children. She has also converted to Judaism. Trump has jewish family therefore is not neo-Nazi. I say quite the contrary. He and Hillary both have a daughter married to a jew with two children. Therefore he has been drafted by the jews, so to speak. Clinton also. The Zionists made sure that in the American corrupted election system in which there will be either a democrat or republican winner, they have a draftee into the jewish family at large (jewish diaspora). Note that most if not all third parties are skeptical of Israel and Zionism. In the least. The Green party actually supports The One State Solution, a secular, united Palestine. As I do.
No, neo-nazis, try to think again. Trump is in the republican GOP party. He will not be allowed to support neo-Nazi policies. The republicans are crazy but not that crazy. Quite the contrary, he will continue to support Israel zealously, as the republican party, and the democratic party have for decades.
No, face it. You have been duped. By Israel. And the American jew boys are going to be busy knocking up all those fair complected, nubile, blue eyed blonde white girls before the blacks mark them all. That is their mission. For Greater Israel.


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5 Responses to Donald Trump=Adolf Hitler? I Don’t Think So.

  1. Marty Markowitz says:

    What if I told you Andy Jacobs really runs the blog and denies it to protect his name? How else would someone get photos of him that look so handsome.

  2. Actually I usually agree pretty much with Andy’s comments in IPR. And Tom Knapp doesn’t; badmouthing the 9/11 Troofer stuff. I saw a picture of a Twin Tower vertical ground floor I beam girder exposed. It had a 45 degree slice in it. It occurred to me that if all ground floor girders had a 45 degree slice in them, from some sort of incendiary strips (Magnesium?), the sheer weight would collapse the whole building in one piece maybe dropping about 10 feet. The pressure at the top would be enormous, setting off a cascade pancaking effect. Which is exactly what happened. But no, Tom knows better.
    It looks to me like the jews run Andy Jacobs Blog and are trying to associate him, and me, with neo Nazis, trying to discredit him, and me. So, if the neo Nazis hate the jews as much as I think they do, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do some research and find out if the jews (and FBI) are using them to maintain their corruption of America.
    I’d be pretty pissed off if I was them.
    The leftists, like Tom Knapp, should be pretty pissed off at the jews, and the FBI too.
    ///I don’t usually do this but I’m going to add to this comment.
    Now, if the first responders check the girders for sabotage, they might get mad about who dropped those buildings on their fellow first responders heads. I believe the steel I beams were encased in cement. So look at the manufacturer. I say it was the dhs/fbi/Israeli mossad/Saudi gid. That would explain the video of the cheering Israelis across the river celebrating when the twin towers fell. U.S. Marines-would you like to know who drove the truck bomb into that building and killed all those marines in Lebanon? Look at Israel first. They get others, especially Americans to fight their wars. i.e. what were the marines doing there in the first place?
    So, MAYBE we have marines, first responders, neo Nazis, leftists including libertarians, and me, willing to take on these pricks.
    Come get me…and my father. I will join you.

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