Russian Cyber Operations Render U.S. Elections Undeniably Unreliable; Demand Do-Over.

Recently U.S. Intelligence has briefed Congress and Our Pussy Grabbing Boob, President-Elect Trump on Russian cyber operations relating to our elections particularly 2016. The consensus was by them and by Congress that such operations were tried but did not affect the results.
I’m sorry, but I do not believe this. Even if true, how can we rely on the results and this conclusion?
The problem is that because the election is reliably tilted by Duverger’s Law in favor of the democrats and republicans that it is so vulnerable to manipulation. One need only suppress one vote, in this case the democrat, and promote the other, in this case the republican. If everyone voted as they believed, and were able to (full ballot access), the vote would be highly resistant to manipulation; all 6 significant parties: democrat 17%, republican (17%), reform (?%), green (27%), constitution (27%), libertarian (13%) and at least 4 independent tickets (?%) would make it a level playing field for a fairly close, truly competitive, fair, representative vote.
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a Constitutional remedy for a do-over. It certainly would be unprecedented.
The only possible Constitutional remedy I see is some sort of lawsuit in U.S. District court. Assuming the Courts have not been too corrupted to consider it.


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5 Responses to Russian Cyber Operations Render U.S. Elections Undeniably Unreliable; Demand Do-Over.

  1. Dude says:

    There’s no evidence the Russians even tried to change the outcome of the US election, much less that they succeeded in doing so. Trump won fair and square. Clintonites want to blame the Russians, the FBI, third party candidates…anyone except themselves. But the reality is that President Elect Trump said things a lot of people had been waiting a long time to hear, and they enthusiastically voted for him and overwhelmingly elected him to do exactly what he promised during his campaign. It’s as simple as that and that’s all there is to it.

    There’s not going to be any do-over, not until 4 years from now, when President Trump will win a second term by an even bigger margin. Either jump on board the Trump train and celebrate, get the hell out of the way, or piss and moan on the tracks while that train runs right over you; it’s your choice. What you are not going to do is stop the Trump train!

    • So, Dude joins the Russian inspired pro Trump chorus on the internet and in the media.
      So you say we can look forward to the next repeat of an unfair, unrepresentative, Russian influenced election in four years!

      • Dude, I unapproved your next comment.
        Stop these comments. I’ll not allow The PLAS Place to be hijacked for pro Trump propaganda.
        I do not support the Clintons OR Trump.
        I call for a GENERAL STRIKE.

  2. Dude says:

    You speak the propaganda, I speak the truth. There is absolutely nothing “Russian inspired” or “influenced” in President Elect Trump’s resounding victory.

  3. At best it was cunt hair close. The entire American election system is unreliable. This say I, a four time runner. The ZOG did it and made it look like the Russkies did it. It definitely affected the result.
    U R at best a dupe. At worst a criminal/traitor. So your further comments are not welcome at The PLAS Place.

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