John Lewis: Trump Isn’t a Legitimate President.- The Hill.’t-a-legitimate-president/ar-AAlQsqS?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp

I agree.
The problem, especially for the democrats like Congressman Lewis, is what to do about this. The Electoral College option did not work for a vote for Clinton instead of Trump as the popular vote winner. The Interstate Compact to do that has not been ratified. “Faithless electors” did not work; more Clinton electors were faithless than Trump electors.
Further, there does not seem to be any other Constitutional remedy such as a do-over of the election. Even if there were, that still would probably not address the issue of the fundamentally flawed elections and corruption in America as a consequence of Duverger’s Law. I have proposed Top Ten as an alternative.
Let’s do-over the 2016 election with Top Ten. All ballots over the next year. Plus the normally occurring ballots That should result in some gains for the third parties and independents. That would set up the 2018 elections, which should result in further gains.
Then after the 2018 elections we should be in a much better, less polarized, more level playing field, fairer, more representative political situation.


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