The Assassination of President Kennedy… The Election of 2016. Part 1.

This time span coincides with most of my life; I was born in 1952 so I was 11. I have written here at The PLAS Place about where I was when I first heard about it. Over the passing decades there is an unofficial consensus that there was a conspiracy and that it involved the government. Note that Kennedy was the first Irish Catholic American President. Then his administration started with The Bay of Pigs fiasco, a CIA covert operation failure on Kennedy’s watch. These times were of an overwhelming paranoia about communism also. And here a Communist, Fidel Castro of Cuba, was getting a foothold just off the USA coast. Then there was brother Bobby, appointed Attorney General before the anti-nepotism law, investigating the Mafia and union corruption, the Jimmy Hoffa Case. Then there was the civil rights movement, and the great hatred and fear of blacks, rivaling the great hatred and fear of communists. Further, included in the definition of communist, incorrectly, is any leftist, up to and including a liberal which Kennedy was considered, which were usually democrats, which Kennedy was.
Then there was the war in Viet Nam. It is reported Kennedy wanted to withdraw U.S. involvement or at least curtail/minimize it. Whereas SOMEONE wanted to escalate and win the war, much like the Korean war before it. Containment of communism was an official U.S. foreign policy.
All of these or any one of these were motive for the assassination. Which would be an attempted or accomplished coup d’état.
There are many kinds of coup d’état.
So let’s take a further look at this Kennedy election and assassination. Who were the major players, the entities, the dynamics?
Let’s hypothesize the existence of an entity. Within the government. Kind of like 3 Days of the Condor, an agency within the government but with some distance, some deniability. Perhaps ex agents. Retired. Ex military. Ex Congresspersons etc. With access to huge resources. Consultants, contractors, supercomputers, think tanks. etc. Lets say it existed since at least the 1930’s in a fairly sophisticated form, in some less sophisticated form before that. Long before. And now it still exists with huge resources, personnel, databases, experience etc. This would be a formidable force. Quite capable of manipulating elections, assassination, poisoning, kidnapping, extortion, surveillance, covert operations, etc. All sorts of mischief and mayhem.
John F. Kennedy Irish Catholic American President, Assassinated Liberal democrat

Lee Harvey Oswald Ex U.S. Marine accused assassin, murdered declared leftist/Marxist

Jack Ruby(Rubenstein)thug nightclub owner convicted murderer of Oswald politics? jewish died of lung cancer 3 years 3 later

Officer J.D. Tippit Dallas P.D. almost certainly shot dead by Oswald

Abraham Zapruder clothing store owner filmed assassination jewish born in Russia/Ukraine died of stomach cancer
got large lump sum payment for film

So who died via murder? 3 white guys, an Irish Catholic liberal democrat president, an ex-marine leftist, a police officer.
Who was convicted of murder? jewish thug Jacob Leonard Rubinstein.
Who died of cancer? jews Rubinstein and Zapruder.

Are any conclusions or educated guesses or speculations possible here?
Well, if there is an international conspiratorial powerful entity, white guys are fair game. Particularly Irish, catholics, liberal/leftists, marines, police officers.
Uh-oh. I am white, kiss me (don’t kill me) I’m part irish, raised catholic by my sainted mother, but hey, my father is protestant Methodist, leftist(progressive like Teddy Roosevelt), NOT liberal puh-leeze. Definitely NOT a commie. Good thing I didn’t join the Marines like my uncle or the police like my cousin. The entity could get a twofer! Or even a threebee!
Now let’s try another conclusion, educated guess or speculation. What if it is possible to induce cancer? If so, why would anyone want to do such a horrible thing? Well for example in this case, what if Ruby’s cancer was induced? Further, what if were reversible? What if a death simulating state could be induced? Well, a prisoner could get diagnosed with cancer, diagnosis verified, then after some time of genuine deterioration, a death simulation induced. Prisoner declared dead, then driven away in a casket to the funeral home. There taken away leaving an empty casket to be cremated or leaving a well made up mannequin to fool mourners. Then buried or cremated.
So I say maybe Ruby was done this. An escape from prison. Taken to Israel with a new identity. All this could be resolved by exhumation, of Ruby and/or Ruth Blumenstein, Nancy Benson, William Luther Pierce etc.
By now the technique could be very refined. Maybe not just cancer. Maybe like my uncle death by natural causes, or in the case of a recovering drug abuser, just having been released from rehab with a fresh prescription for opiates, no one would question an accidental overdose.
I wonder if my uncle has been put in the same ward in a high security facility in Israel with his mother in law who supposedly died a couple of years before, Ruth Blumenstein?
I’d be interested in what is actually in the grave of William Luther Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries. He “died” of cancer in 2000 at the height of his neo Nazi career. Hmmm…. Wouldn’t Israel be interested in drugging, kidnapping and holding an American neo Nazi helpless in Israel? Oh they wouldn’t do that! Reminds me of what my jewish federal defender said to me after the FBI arrested me. I asked him if my arrest had anything to do with my politics.

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