Trump Vows Full Support to CIA After Feud About Russia Hacking. – Reuters.

Huge contrast here. I have called for U.S. Marines to surround the CIA building and others and arrest everyone inside. First responders could go in and arrest and take to local jail to be charged with state RICO (corrupt organizations) charges. Maybe CIA et al have heard my call also.

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11 Responses to Trump Vows Full Support to CIA After Feud About Russia Hacking. – Reuters.

  1. White American says:

    You acknowledge Khazars own 96% of the media, and yet all your most recent posts are just reflecting their stories, complete with their spin and outright lies. You don’t even bother to add your own analysis, just provide an echo for the (((media line)))….but why?

    • No, I suspect disproportionate jewish ownership and control of U.S. media. I asked for verification of this 96% figure.
      I do add my own analysis and opinion in various places in The PLAS Place.

  2. White American says:

    Verification is easy to find. All you need is a search engine. Even jewgle will do for this purpose but you can try any of the others. Here is the jewgle results:

    You will notice, a wide variety of sources, all reporting the same thing.

  3. White American says:

    How much have you read at so far? Have you read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? Henry Ford’s “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem”?

  4. Do you know why Vernon’s website is dormant?

  5. White American says:

    No, I don’t. But I’d be interested in your answers to my questions.

  6. I suspect he has been screwed by the mossad.
    Doesn’t that concern you?

  7. White American says:

    Of course. We’ve all been screwed by the Mossad, some more so than other. But the struggle is far bigger than any one soldier, even the ones who have fallen on the field of battle or been taken captive by the enemy. Hence my questions for you above.

  8. Wahid Tariq Fasal says:

    I would not get so bent out of shape about Vernon. Look through his blogroll. Some of the sites will probably also be dormant or completely gone. Others will probably still be active, posting updated fresh content with similar views regularly. It would be the same for any other political viewpoint or for any subject that people talk about on the internet – cooking, motorcycles, sports, or whatever else. What was so interesting or unique about this Vernon? My guess is that he wasn’t saying anything that a lot of other people haven’t said, and that many of them are saying to this day.

    As for Vernon – he did make some good points, like about “Jews” and homosexuals, and some not so good, like about Muslims. But if you are interested in his view point look through his blogroll, and through the blogrolls and links at those sites.

  9. White American says:

    Time to move on from 2014. The current year is way better, we are building the wall, and Mexico will pay for it.

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