Call for Coordinated Military and First Responders Coup D’Etat as Remedy. Part 4.

Types of Coups D’Etat.

The type that seems most to apply to our present situation:

“Veto coup d’état.
Veto coups d’état occur when the army vetoes the people’s mass participation and social mobilization in governing themselves. Military interventions of this “veto” variety thus directly reflect increasing lower class political participation in politics. In “veto coups the soldier plays the role of “guardian of the existing order”. In such a case, the army confronts and suppresses large scale, broad based civil opposition.

Predictors involved in this instance:

1. domestic political crisis; longstanding corruption due to Duverger’s Law.
2. military’s national security doctrine
a. significant interference in election by foreign powers; Russia and Israel.
b. climate change. Many in new administration are climate change deniers.
3. regime legitimacy- controversy involving Constitutional Electoral College.
” A fourth 2016 study finds that inequality between social classes increases the likelihood of coups.”
Clearly this is not an exact fit for the present situation in America. In this instance the coup is the only avenue available to the military for its own remedy and to restore an acceptable application of the Constitution with an election do-over for fair and representative elections. The military is resistant to having to engage in an endless, untenable “War on Terror” which is a direct result of an alliance with Israel. This coincides with incidental casualties among First Responders;the corrupted regime using unconstitutional domestic surveillance and covert operations involving its political opponents and the criminal justice system.
The veto would be the military intervening in the case of a flaw in the Constitution. But not to prevent the insurgent popular overthrow of the Constitution; rather to make an adjustment or correction.

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2 Responses to Call for Coordinated Military and First Responders Coup D’Etat as Remedy. Part 4.

  1. White American says:

    Milnes, what do you think of this?

    It seems pretty spot-on right to me.

  2. White American says:

    The only thing I would quibble with is that 8chan is way better than 4chan (better known as halfchan or cuckchan).

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