Howard Stern Is Concerned About Donald Trump’s Mental Health: -US Magazine.

Sarah Silverman, Paul Krugman, Howard Stern. I suspect the memorandum has gone out to American jews to-moderately-rail about Donald Trump and his PRESIDENCY, not his administration. The maneuver is that sooner or later Trump will be gone from the presidency leaving Pence as president and the regular republicans in charge.
This was the plan all along.
On the other hand, a military coup would purge the corruption embodied within the democratic/republican duopoly and set up a field leveling Top Ten do-over of the 2016 election.
Trump is ideologically more suited to the Constitution party. However by running as a republican he consistently tapped into the larger voter base of the Constitution party (about 27%) without the Constitution party guaranteed losing baggage.
Much like Bernie Sanders consistently tapped into the leftist Green party voter base (about 27%). This was also deliberately done as a stalking horse to suppress the Green vote i.e. anti-Billary vote. So Billary would eventually win the nomination. Similarly Obama was set up in 2008 by the democratic party liberals to win by combining the liberal/progressive vote with the black vote within the democratic party.


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