The U.S. Needs Top Ten/Level the Playing Field. – by Robert W. Milnes, The PLAS Place.

For at least over the past 100 years, the U.S. elections have been a function of Duverger’s Law. The “one person, one vote”, “one or more votes wins”, “winner takes all” system of voting has its own cause and effect dynamics. It tends to create a system of centrist, two party domination, rendering the other parties ineffective and marginalized. In the U.S. this has become the “two major party” system of the democrats and republicans which reliably win and dominate the entire governmental system. Unfortunately it is very unfair and unrepresentative and leads over time to corruption.
In the past 100 years or so there has only been two significant anomalies in this system: The elections of 1912 with the third party run of Teddy Roosevelt, of the leftist Progressive party and 1992/1996 run of Ross Perot, of the centrist Reform party.
In 1912, Roosevelt lost the republican nomination to Taft. He then bolted, forming the Progressive party. However he lost in a close election to the progressive democrat Woodrow Wilson. One can speculate that if Wilson had also bolted from the democrat to the progressive party, this ticket (Wilson/Roosevelt, Roosevelt/Wilson) could very well have won. The Progressive party had, and still has, the potential to win most if not all ballots, thereby sweeping out the democrats and republicans. The Progressive party tried again in 1924 and 1948 but failed.
The Reform party, under eccentric billionaire H. Ross Perot wound up getting 19% of the vote in 1992, less in 1996. The Reform party also has the POTENTIAL to win most if not all ballots, thereby sweeping out the democrats and republicans.
The only other party in the U.S. that has the potential to sweep out the democrats and republicans is the rightist/nationalist Constitution party.
PLAS, the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy is the strategic voting cooperation/coordination between the progressive vote of about 27% and the libertarian vote of about 13% to form a winning plurality of about 40% in a three way race, democrat 30%, republican 30% and PLAS/fusion 40% tickets. CounterPLAS would be the cooperation/coordination of the nationalist and libertarian vote.
The fair, representative vote breaks down to: democrat 17%, republican 17%, progressive (Green) 27%, nationalist (Constitution) 27%, reform unknown %, libertarian 13%, Independent unknown %.
In order to “level the playing field” in U.S. elections, AT LEAST the six significant parties must be on all ballots. Further leveling could be accomplished by having 4 Independent tickets on all ballots. The voters would then have AT LEAST 10 choices for presidential ticket any one of which would have a reasonable chance to win. All votes would matter i.e. there would be no “battleground” states or “wasting one’s vote” by voting for a third party.

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