No, Maxine. Get Ready for a Military Coup. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

This post is in response to: Dem Lawmaker Tweets: Get Ready for Impeachment.” -Brooke Seipel, The Hill on MSN.
This will happen because I trust and believe that the U.S. Military is loyal and fair and honorable. The only loyal, fair and honorable action under the present circumstances is a coup.
Impeachment, even if successful, which is not granted under the present politically corrupt circumstances, would accomplish little. Except leave Pence and the corrupt GOP in charge. That may very well have been The Plan all along. Clearly the GOP could not win the Presidency under the normal corrupt election, due to it’s losing demographics and putrid policies. However, if they could pull a Reverse Obama, i.e. Obama, a liberal, won by taking the black vote from Billary and increasing the general vote, then the GOP could win by taking the white nationalist vote from Billary and suppressing her vote. Then allowing the nationalist/populist Trump to be removed by one thing or another-impeachment?-, leaving Pence and the GOP in charge.
This would not satisfy any American who is loyal, fair and honorable. What is needed is a do-over of the 2016 elections. But More. Further, fair and representative elections. However, the Constitution does not allow for a contingency of an election do-over. Further, American elections are longtime unfair and unrepresentative due to Duverger’s Law. see:’s_law
So what is needed is a remedy to Duverger’s Law. I have proposed such a remedy. I call it Top Ten. Basically it is putting all 6 of the significant American political parties plus 4 Independents on all ballots from the beginning of the election cycle. Any further parties and Independents could get their own additional ballot access. In a do-over, the 2016 parties could retain or remove their nominees.
The six parties are: Republican 17%, Democratic 17%, Green(leftist, progressive) 27%, Constitution(rightist, nationalist, populist) 27%, Libertarian(leftist/rightist) 13%, Reform (centrist) unknown/variable ?%.

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