Trump Administration is Illegitimate AND Unsustainable. Best Remedy: Military Coup. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

So the sub fbi/cia/dhs/nsa/mossad concocts this covert operation to get election victory for the GOP by electing Trump, then unelect him somehow e.g. impeach, self resignation etc. Leaving VP Pence and the usual putrid GOP politicians in charge. In other words, a Trump only counterrevolutionary coup against the democrats and republicans-the reactionaries, then a counter-coup against Trump and his administration/supporters. The operation consists of playing the 2016 election like a violin by players who understand intimately the particulars of U.S. elections and are in a position to do what needs to be done. Helping Trump get the GOP nomination-it doesn’t matter much which democrat wins their nomination and all third parties/independents are not going anywhere due to Duverger’s Law. Then helping him win the election. By suppressing Clinton’s vote and stimulating the nationalist/populist counterrevolutionary vote for Trump. The Israelis help Clinton get that nomination and also get Bernie to run as a Stalking Horse neutralizing the progressive-Green-vote. Suppression occurred over time by the relentless drip, drip drip of Billary’s controversial emails. Trump was counseled to merely say what the nationalists/populists want to hear. Resonating sound bites. Long ago the Israeli point man was installed. Jared Kushner, jewish, democrat, handsome was sent to conquer Ivanka and swept her off her well shoed and well heeled feet. Ivanka was found out as a closet democrat by longstanding surveillance of Trump.( Remember the Rule: The reactionaries i.e. the democrats and republicans zealouisly support Israel. All others do NOT, especially the leftist/progressive Greens.) She even converted to Judaism, a win/win/win for Israel. In other words, she got jewed. However bad as this is, it may not be the worst jewing. That distinction may very well go to Caroline Kennedy. First-I say- her father’s assassination was orchestrated by the fbi/cia/mossad and the known to be filthy international murderers the Mossad, having foreknowledge of President Kennedy’s assassination figured they could film it and sell the film for profit to go to a jew-Zapruder-and indirectly to Israel. Then she winds up marrying a jew and having children by that prick. That can’t be a coincidence. That is REALLY Getting Jewed Without The Lube! Poor Sweet Caroline.
Getting back to the present, Duverger’s Law, the 2016 Electoral College fiasco and meddling by fbi/cia/dhs/mossad, the Russians and Israelis makes the 2016 American elections illegitimate. remedy: an election do-over. I have proposed Top Ten.
Unsustainable: all the various disgusting aspects of this Presidency. Rich, decadent pussy grabbing boob, stereotypical trophy wife, Conflicts of interest, Constitutional violations, irrational tweets, taint of treason, climate change denial, etc. Just not sustainable.
A do-over by Top Ten should provide a fair, representative election. Fair to Trump also, because if he wins, he can claim a fair and representative election which is not the case now.
A military coup would take the democrats AND republicans out of power.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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