UNITED STATES Veterans Administration in Philadelphia is Holding My Father Under Unreliable Circumstances. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Today I found out my father is at the Veterans Administration’s Community Living Center, (nursing home) 3461 Civic Center Blvd., Phila., PA 19104. 215-823-4525. See: http://www.philadelphia.va.gov/index.asp
Contact: Jennifer Askey, Public Affairs Officer jennifer.askey@va.gov 215-823-5800 Ext.5916
I had nothing to do with him being there.
Previously he was at Care One Rehabilitation Center, Moorestown, NJ. 856-914-0444. See: http://www.care-one.com
I had nothing to do with him being there either.
Earlier today I went there with a friend. He would go in and visit him as I am forbidden to visit him under penalty of trespass. Then he would tell me how he looked, sounded(lucid?) etc. Today we were going to try calling from his room and I would talk with him. But at the reception desk they said he was discharged last week. I could get no further information.
So I tried to find out more. Finally I decided to call Collingswood police asking for a Wellness Check. That is if he was there. The police were very helpful and found out from my sister, Patricia Milnes Sparano that he was in Philly. Not returned to his “in law suite” apartment in her basement. See: http://www.facebook.com/patricia.milnes.39
I couldn’t take the chance on going over to my sister’s psychologically toxic house. She and my brother in law have falsely called Collingswood police on me there before and my nephew has threatened me there. See previous post.
My sister is behind all this with my father along with my brother in law Neil and nephew Michael. Also I believe my Aunt Joanne Byrne got involved with them in what happened to my Uncle Bill. See previous post.
On the surface all seems in order. My sister is my father’s power of attorney. (Only because I can’t afford legal fees to contest that.) She agrees with my father’s doctors who say he shouldn’t drive and contacted Trenton to have his driver’s license suspended. AFTER she took his license out of his wallet. She, Neil and Michael all told me they thought he shouldn’t be driving. I though he was getting old and perhaps was a little slower, but he had no accidents, tickets or points. Actually he told me he was never in an accident and I believe that. I’ve seen him drive. Besides, anyone who knows anything would know it would be a serious setback for him to lose his license. Sure enough, it was. She also says he has dementia. I do not think so. I think he has, understandably, depression. My brother in law said I am crazy. I don’t think so. I think THEY are …democrats!
Yes, I think the Camden County democratic party machine, along with the fbi/cia/dhs/mossad are behind all this. Using my father against me for political reasons. It is disgusting. Criminal. I want an investigation. I have contacted Camden County Elder Abuse to no avail.
I also want my father to move in with me. ASAP. I do not trust my sister et al including the Veterans Administration. I should AT LEAST be co-poa with my sister. If she is found to be in collusion with agents/operatives, that should forfeit her poa.
My dad told me that at the attorney’s office, Neuner and Ventura in Marlton, NJ, my brother in law said that if anything happened to my sister, HE should be poa instead of me! These people are arrogant, ignorant; THEY are the crazy ones.
My sister actually said to me when I said my father had rights in her house, in that instance the right to have visitors including me. she actually said he has no rights here. I wouldn’t have believed she would say anything like that if I hadn’t heard it and saw her say it myself. So they called Collingswood police and had me removed from my dad’s apartment-illegally. Further, I think they illegally called using 911 saying it was an emergency. The police were therefore primed against me which could be a very dangerous situation. e.g. There is a crazy person in our house and we want him taken out. Emergency!
See how that could very well influence the police response?
My sister told me one time she wanted me arrested. I was stunned. I said what do you mean? What for?
I am convinced there was webcams in my father’s apartment and that one of my nephew’s girls was deliberately sent down there to try to manipulate some sort of criminal charge against me.
I think the VA means well, just like the police and that child. But they are easily manipulated and fooled into being duped. My sister, brother in law, nephew and aunt are VERY intelligent and clever. If they are being coached by agents/operatives, they are fully capable of these heinous actions.
My father had complained to me that he had several close calls just before my sister took his license. He told me one instance specifically that COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HIS FAULT. He said he was going from where I was parking my rv at night to home and a big box truck got behind him and followed VERY closely behind up until he pulled into his driveway. Another time I was with him when a car in the opposing lane veered suddenly towards us, then just as suddenly veered back. I said did you see that? He said yes. But we didn’t discuss it further. I don’t know about him, but I-I-was rattled and furious that might have been done deliberately. By agents/operatives. They do all sorts of such things-dirty tricks, covert operations. And they are very good at it-usually. Sometimes it evidently doesn’t go as planned, like the time Bruce Reilly and Carl Canzanese and his brother in law were supposed to shoot me in a contrived barroom brawl. Bruce wound up getting arrested for kidnapping the bouncer at gunpoint. See previous post.
I haven’t seen or talked with my father in almost a year. At Christmas, my sister texted me: “I arranged for you to visit dad on Christmas Day only??”. I declined saying I refused her terms. Who in Hell does she think she is?
Needless to say, I need some help with this situation. Not only legal help for my father and me, but investigation. I allege misuse of poa and elder abuse in the least. I want my father moved into MY house(trailer) which I own and is in good condition. With help, I can take care of him and keep an eye on him; watching out for my sister and her gang and her co-conspirator agents/operatives. Previously we discussed him staying at my place 8 hours a day, noon-8pm. He had a homecare nurse in the morning. I would need a homecare nurse for him in the evening. But that was then, this is now. I want him with me 24/7 and the 2 nurses come to my house. Pat can come to my house-unless it is found that she had been in collusion with agents/operatives. Then I don’t want her or any of her family and others coming to my house. I want my father checked by a new primary care doctor for a second opinion. I’ve already contacted MY primary about a referral. I want his blood checked for possible toxins and any other possible drugging. I don’t trust ANY of the treatment he has received.
Not after all that has happened. See previous posts. Particularly germ warfare evidently used against my friend in CA.


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