A Germ Warfare Attack? Again? -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have previously written here at The PLAS Place about the germ warfare attack with ADEM against my friend with a high I.Q. in CA.
About 2 weeks ago I started to notice my ring fingernail getting infected. It had broken right at the line where the nail separates from the skin and the crease between the side of the nail. This has happened many times before. Usually I trim it and wait for it to grow back past the line; a few days. But this time it got quickly increasingly irritated and sore. Then obviously infected and swelling and hard and VERY sore. Then I thought this is by far the worst I’ve ever experienced. Spreading, increasingly red, swollen, more and more sore. I actually moaned in pain, which I RARELY do.
I started thinking if this gets much worse, turns green or black or goes further under the nail or further up the finger, I should go to the ER. The nail started getting black on the edge and the finger swelled more and got darker red and more sore. But then finally, it seemed to get a little less sore, less swollen, less dark red. The infection had “broken”. I watched closely as it continued to heal. Finally a large piece of dead skin sloughed off. THAT had never happened before.
I’ve had infected fingernails before. A few. A few similarly infected splinters also. They usually follow a very similar pattern. But nothing of this magnitude.
Anyone who watches me-surveillance-would observe that I clean my fingernails quite often. With my other nails, almost never with a stainless instrument of some type. Sooner or later, if things I touch were contaminated with infected material, perhaps a thin film of petri gel?-an infection could result from any otherwise harmless cut or irritated area.
All that is needed is a little petri gel infected with mrsa or some other virulent bug strategically placed.
Seems simple enough!

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  1. The Nathan Norman speaking tour comes to Temple University today. The Deep State has censored the former Libertarian presidential candidate online so he has taken his message on the road.  Norman will talk about the superiority of the Nordic race, space exploration, and climate change. The public event is free and will begin at 7 PM ET.  It will be streamed live on Ustream and uploaded to YouTube.

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