The United Nations Should Implement The Solution to the Problem of the Jews and Israel. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The Jews are unique in the world. Other races and ethnicities and religions are found in gene pools. Over the centuries there has been some migration and immigration, wars etc. Some gene pool mixing, but usually not complete, not extensive. Regional and over centuries. Dating back many centuries; hundreds. A notable exception to this was the Discovery of the New World in 1492.
On the other hand, the jews seem to have originated along with civilization itself. In and around The Cradle of Civilation/The Fertile Crescent present day Iraq. From there, Ancient Egypt, then Persian Empire, Greece, Roman Empire. Then upon the Fall of Rome/ Byzantium civilization seems to have migrated north to approximately France/Germany/Poland/Russia around the time of Charlemagne, following a pattern of paternal gene trail(meaning majority of male jewish migration north) then farther north to Scandinavia corresponding to Nordic expansionism and imperialism in France, England, Ireland, Iceland Greenland on to North America. Then retreating to about the Baltic states. A significant presence in Vilnius, Lithuania, which was destroyed in WW2.
After WW2 and the Holocaust most jews remaining in Europe went to Israel newly formed and/or the U.S.
The jews slowly migrate with the main civilization and its need for the jews. The need for money changing, education, law, medicine etc. Evidently the elites of civilization are neurotic about such things and are in a position to pay for others to do it-the jews.
Over the centuries the jews developed a disparate gene pool, a separate culture and cult/religion.
From the point of view of prewar German nationalists, the jews were an alien, swarthy but gradually blending in from intermarriage, gradual invader. They were seen to be sophisticated, educated, good money managers, entrepreneurial and hence business owners. Avoiding hard labor, dangerous jobs. This can be seen in present day U.S. and the exploitive nature of the oppressed Palestinians.
Israel, through its parasitic relationship with the U.S. , has become a powerful apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary terrorist state. Virtually all jews zealously support Israel. This is the Problem.
Israel must be dissolved. The obvious way to accomplish that would be for the U.N. to rescind all Resolutions involved with the creation of Israel. Jews must be dispersed around the world among U.N. members evenly. In restricted areas and closely monitored.
Israel must never again be allowed to get started. Perhaps a special U.N. passport can be created.
All military equipment in Israel must go to the U.S., from where it came. The Palestinians should further build its own police and military. The One State Solution supported by the Green party is a secular Palestine created from all the Palestinian land AND Israeli land.
An objective study of the jews should be made by the U.N. The exact mechanism of how the jews get so much power must be understood. And their involvement in WW2 must be fully understood, which I do not think it is.
The jews must not be allowed to intermarry with non-jews, thereby increasing their numbers. Conversion must be discouraged.
The world through the U.N. must take responsibility for this awful thing called Israel.

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7 Responses to The United Nations Should Implement The Solution to the Problem of the Jews and Israel. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

  1. Marty Markowitz says:

    This is bullshit

  2. Wahid Tariq Fasal says:

    It is worse than the dung of a cow, or even the dung of a pig. We do not need jews in all gentile nations, nor do we need them in any gentile nations, nor in a nation of their own. None of these should be allowed.

  3. So, the solution would be to kill them all?
    I don’t think the U.N. would vote for that.

  4. Wahid Tariq Fasal says:

    So what? Do it anyway.

  5. Wahid Tariq Fasal says:

    Really, you object to every single sentence of that response? Why is every sentence in moderation, separately?

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