Joint Chiefs of Staff: Do Not Allow the Vinson Too Near N. Korea. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

A tremendous military victory could be had by China and/or Russia with the destruction of the Vinson Group, including submarines. Sinking it would not be necessary in a nuclear attack. Radiation/concussion(against the subs) could slowly kill the crew and contaminate the vessels rendering them useless. So a proximity blast could be quite sufficient. And the attack would not necessarily come from N. Korea but it would probably get the blame. Also the attack might not necessarily come from missiles. Or from N. Korea. A nuclear device is quite small. It could be hidden on a sampan or even on the ocean floor, possibly long ago.
There are also low level missiles with a virtually straight horizontal trajectory. Silkworm or cruise type missiles. The high trajectory missiles could be used as a diversion while the low level missiles actually get through to the target, which is the Vinson.
A successful nuclear attack on the Vinson could be quite comparable to 9/11. The most significant effect could be to bolster the popularity/polling of the President. With or without his knowledge/collusion.
I’m concerned especially after the chemical attack on civilians in Syria. This may have been a gift by Russia to the President to bolster his popularity/polling. The retaliatory strike by the U.S. was met with great acceptance worldwide. It did little damage to Syria and changed little. But the President get did a bump in popularity/polling by positive press.
Remember, N. Korea’s longterm goal is reunification. It does not want to use nuclear weapons on S. Korea or get hit by a nuclear weapon itself. Therefore the most logical use of a nuclear weapon is against an offshore aircraft carrier group or the west coast USA/Hawaii/Alaska.
My recommendations would include keeping the Vinson as far away as possible. Reduce its screen group to as few ships as possible as widely dispersed as possible. Have a string of smaller ships with aircraft takeoff/landing and anti missile capability off the coast. Use VTOL aircraft like helicopters and Harriers and Ospreys whenever possible. Check into the possibility that fighter jets might be able to shoot down long range missiles with air to air missiles and whether that would be a viable option.
The Carl Vinson group may very well become in 2017 the Twin Towers of 2001.

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