The Privileged of the Privileged of the Privileged of the Privileged. -Robert W. Milnes at The PLAS Place.

That would be The Jews. This post is a further attempt to understand the jews.
Because Israel has become the greatest terrorist state and the greatest most urgent problem in the world. And virtually all jews zealously support Israel.
Israel stands directly in the path of significant human progress via a progressive movement/revolution. Because it is a theocracy, in addition to being an apartheid, imperialist terrorist state by definition, it is a counterrevolutionary state by definition.
The nationalist, counterrevolutionary movement has always been the mortal enemy of the internationalist, revolutionary progressive movement. The ideal human government would be a progressive administration and legislative branch of a representative democracy. That was almost accomplished by Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive party had he and it won in 1912.
Evidently the jews evolved with civilization. Human evolution has been tribal. A regional tribe evolves into an ethnic group and on a larger level a race. There are four races. In the Old World, three. Black African, Asian, White European. In the New World, one, Hispanic.
The privileged of a tribe or an ethnicity or a city or nation state are the elites. The aristocrats, the royalty. The elites are able to hire people to do the things they would rather not do. That starts with financial affairs. So the jews were the ones the elites called upon to conduct financial affairs. Then the legal and medical affairs which requires special skills and education. Law school and medical school in present day society. The jews gravitate there disproportionately. And consequently are able to accumulate disparate wealth. This allows them to be more entrepreneurial and more selective of occupations they wind up with. Hence they would avoid dangerous, labor intensive occupations e.g. military, sports, first responders, coal miners. And seek out more sophisticated, bourgeois pursuits. Hence privileged.
The world has always had a tribe, or city or nation state that had significantly more political economic military power than all others. see PEMDisparity Theory. That is, privileged. In the present day USA there is talk of “white privilege”. In ancient Roman or Greek times, they would be the privileged. In this case the majority of USA is of the white race, hence racial white privilege. Then it would be “Roman” or “Greek” city state, nation state privilege.
So there are four tiers of privilege. One is racial. The white race is clearly more privileged than the black. The white race is clearly the most privileged presently in the world. Black least. Which leaves Asian second, Hispanic third.
So there are four tiers of privilege. The jews ARE the top tier.
So presently, jews occupy a privileged place in the white majority USA.
They were purged by The Holocaust from white majority Europe as a consequence of WW2.
Subsequently Israel was founded by United Nations Resolutions. Partitioned from the British Mandate for Palestine.
This was a huge mistake by the U.N. It must be reversed forthwith.
So, perhaps we are coming full circle.
“Civilization has not been yet.” Wilhelm Reich.

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