PLAS Type Fusion Ticket May Be Discussed At Libertarian Bylaws Meeting on June 22. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.


I have decided to not attempt on my own to participate. The reason is that the last time I tried to participate in an internet teleconference type meeting I was treacherously cut off. And no one came to my defense that I know of. I believe that was done by Caryn Ann Harlos who I heard giggling just before. I believe suspected CI/FBI/mossad operative/rat paulie cannoli/banali and my erstwhile vp hopeful Susan Hogarth were present among others.
Before that I was treacherously barred from participating in an LP presidential debate by, I believe, Professor George Phillies in Massachusetts.
I’ll not allow myself to be vulnerable to such treachery again. However, if I am contacted by someone or some organization of significant authority and/or responsibility, and assured I will not be treacherously cut off or barred, I would be agreeable to participate. I also may need some technical or logistical or transportation support.
I would discuss my confident belief that a fusion ticket consisting of a progressive Green man president and a left Libertarian woman vice president would have a viable chance of winning by plurality in what would possibly become a three way race. The rest of the down ticket candidates could similarly win if they strategically placed either a Green or Libertarian on each ballot at about 50/50. The vote would be very close. About 40%-PLAS/30%-democrat/30%-republican depending on many factors.
Also my belief that the Libertarian Party could vastly improve its chances of winning if they, counter-intuitively, helped the other three significant third parties, Green, Reform, Constitution, get on 50 or near fifty ballots as they do. That would level the field and persuade many voters that would otherwise choose the lesser of two evils, the democrats and republicans, to actually vote third party. Leveling the field is an important element in Top Ten.
Later in the 2016 election cycle I endorsed the possible PLAS fusion ticket of Darcy Richardson/Thomas Knapp, although I preferred Tom’s wife, Tamara Millay for the vp position.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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