Washington, DC GOP Charity Baseball Shooting: Covert Operation Prelude to Declaration of Martial Law? -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

A covert operation in Washington, DC? Probably the BEST place!
On the local tv news a video and interview has been posted. Noah Nathan, which is a jewish name, interviewed just happening to be walking his dog. He took video of the shooting in a sort of amateurish, impromptu way. Quite convincing. But I began to think about Abraham Zapruder, jewish, just happening to get the JFK assassination on video. Video tends to enhance an event.
So, is it standard procedure to have agents/operatives/dupes on scene during a covert operation? I would think so. The only question is whether they are agents/operatives or happened to be -manipulated- in the right place, right time dupes?
Abraham Zapruder I’m convinced was a manipulated dupe. So, Noah Nathan a manipulated dupe? I think so.
Lee Harvey Oswald I’m convinced was a manipulated dupe. So, James Hodgkinson manipulated dupe? Looks good to me.
Not that Oswald and Hodgkinson were saints. But clearly genuine people that came under the illegal and unconstitutional surveillance and covert operations to skillfully manipulate them. Kind of like me.
Which begs the question: What is the intended end game for Bob Milnes?
Clearly it is intended for the manipulated person to die as a consequence; at least usually. As is the case for the target.
Oswald was set up to be killed in the confrontation with Dallas police officer J.D. Tippitt. When that failed, Jack Ruby, Jacob Rubenstein, was recruited. The target, JFK, was killed, as intended. The motive? Probably foreign(cold war) and domestic(civil rights) policy. JFK was a liberal democrat. And dime a dozen Irish Catholic i.e. expendable.
In Hodgkinson’s set up, he was killed as intended again in a confrontation with police. The target, the GOP, well, just rattle their cages real hard. Maybe kill a few, maybe not. Macht nichts. It looks like to me that by his report, US Senator Rand Paul was shot at. But he says the bullets impacted the ground near him. So was Hodgkinson a lousy shot? Or was his sight/scope set high/low? As Oswald’s reportedly was. That would sabotage his marksmanship, if he was good. In Oswald’s case, his (whoever’s) first shot, which should have been best on target as the Limo slowed and turned just under the 6th floor window, COMPLETELY MISSED! It also would mean somebody got to his rifle shortly before the shooting to tamper with the sight/scope.
What is the motive? Well, the GOP I believe, has used Trump to win the election. Then their plan is to remove him as president somehow. Then depending on how that plays out, they may need a back up plan to retain power. That would be a declaration of martial law. This shooting could be cited as one that would justify that.

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