Has My Father Been Kidnapped/railroaded? He Is In The Veterans Administration CLC In Philadelphia.

See: http://www.legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Kidnapping Also: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=railroad
Why? Simple, to adversely affect me and/or my political campaign for President.
By who? Possibly the fbi and/or the dhs and/or the Israeli Mossad and/or the democratic party, which has control of Camden County.
It certainly would follow the pattern. My family, friends, campaign supporters, one by one, disappearing, getting disease, dying under unreliable circumstances etc. And other strange things happening to me.
I had no involvement in my father being placed in the VA Community Living Center (nursing home). I had no idea he was there. Here is how I found out he was there: I went to where he was, Care One rehab in Moorestown, NJ to ask him to leave with me. He was not there. He was discharged, but to where or by whom I could not find out. So I wondered for a while. Then I decided that since I could not go to my sister’s house, where my father lived before being taken, by my sister and brother in law Neil and Pat Sparano, to Care One, again, without my knowledge, without the possibility of her calling the police on me, I would call the Collingswood police and ask for a wellness check. A while later they called me back saying my sister said my father was in the VA in Philadelphia.
Does this sound like a strange way to find out one’s father is in the VA Nursing Home to anyone else but me?
Of course I understand that if my sister put him there as poa then it is seemingly proper. But what if my sister is acting in collusion with someone with government ties? A “handler”. Or if she is acting duplicitously subsequent to covert actions with government ties?
I always go back to what happened to me in 1984/1985. First Bruce Reilly tried to get me involved in what I believe was to be a barroom brawl/shooting in 1984, in which I would get shot. See State of NJ v Bruce Reilly. Then about a year later I was arrested by the FBI for the Deborah Knapp debacle.
In both instances it was not something somebody totally fabricated. I WAS at the bar with Bruce. I had known him from the “Hood” (Fairview). And I had written several-well a LOT-of fan letters to Knapp; some explicit, poor thing. But the idea is if you are targeted to make the case/accomplish the mission without revealing that the government was behind it covertly.
So my sister taking my father’s drivers license out of his pocket makes sense from her point of view. The only question would be if she knew there was a campaign to rattle him with close calls for long enough that he started driving erratically or not.
The problem is that the government is so powerful that it can eventually affect anything/everything to cover up its role.
That is why I was so conflicted when I saw my uncle’s supposedly dead body in a perfectly normal death scene; laying in his lazy boy in front of the big screen tv on with earphones on. How could I start yelling and screaming that I didn’t believe it? I risk being called irrational. Yet I cannot prove what is going on myself. There was a police officer present. How could I start examining the body to see if it was him or a mannequin or to see if he was drugged? The death scene was UNRELIABLE. I told the Glendora police about my Aunt, Joanne Byrne, my uncle’s sister. Her picture came up on his dash computer screen. She is heavily involved in the democratic party. So is my sister and brother in law.
I have known for a long time that I have had a problem getting legal help. What if the government covertly has been preventing me from getting legal help? Also a girlfriend. What if the government has been sabotaging my efforts getting a girlfriend? e.g. knowing from surveillance that I am going to help move a friend from GA to CA, give his sister who would have been attractive to me, cancer and “die” by the time we got there. Or another a stripper I knew who was a drug abuser “die” from drug overdose? Seems plausible. Normal. Rational. And the prime example, Nancy Benson, PhD, my hoped for First Lady. “Dead” from cancer.
In my father’s case, it looks to me like there has been a systematic campaign against him. Knowing full well my sister is there to make the moves on-against-him. And to thwart my efforts to help him. So objectively on the surface my sister has committed my father to long term care justifiably; in actuality it has been a government covert campaign against him as part of a campaign against me and my political campaign. The target is illegally surveilled and profiled. Then a plan is formulated against him/her. In my dad’s case, an elderly, sensitive, frail, passive person, well, get his license as a prelude to get him committed. Rattle his cage driving, taking his license puts him in a further tailspin. Next he was having difficulty walking. I suspect he was drugged. That put him in the rehab. And to preempt me taking him out, transfer him to a more secure place, the VA.
I have had a chance to think about how much and often jews were involved in my life. Presently my fathers doctor at the VA is Marjorie Marenberg, MD, jewish. I googled her. She is online. In the rehab Care One, his case manager jewish, the administrator who had me banned, also jewish, Jennifer Levy. In the case of my friend in CA with high I.Q. who got the brain virus ADEM, his physician Amy Solomon, MD, jewish. I suspect he was infected right in her office. In the Bruce Reilly prosecution, Jaffa Stein, prosecutor. I met her. She was very pretty. She advised me to not pursue the case after Bruce got off out of curiousity, saying it would be too dangerous. She must have suspected the fbi/Mossad. Note: There is a listing on avvo.com for a Joffa F. Stein, attorney, in Cherry Hill as having been suspended/disbarred.
In the Deborah Knapp debacle, the prosecutor Judy Goldstein-Smith, jewish, the defense Edward Weis federal defender, jewish. In the illegal eviction against me, ALL the Court officials including the judge, jewish. Lee Laskin, judge, Special Civil Division (landlord/tenant court), the greedy landlord’s lawyer, Lori Greenberg, jewish. My attorney from lsnj/sjls.org David Podell, jewish, was told by supervisor Lee Ginsberg, jewish, to withdraw due to funding priorities. I faced Laskin by myself. I had no chance. The fix was in. Laskin knew it.
How was the eviction illegal? Very sophisticated. The landlord got me to sign a document “Consent to Vacate”. After the default judgement in early December. It allowed me to stay after the default for 3 months, which was during the “polar vortex” winter. It was presented to me like he was doing me a favor, not evicting me immediately at Christmas/beginning of winter. But I had to pay the rent for that 3 months, which I did. PLUS pay the owed rent, over $1000, which I did. (via my father). I was suspicious but didn’t understand at that time. Then he refused to accept April rent. Then I filed a Show Cause in which Laskin was told about this and still enforced the default. That is illegal. The landlord cannot take any money from the tenant after default without forfeit of the default/eviction. An eviction for rent default means the tenant is unable or unwilling to pay rent. Yet here I am having paid three months rent plus owed rent. It is, for the landlord, EITHER possession of the property OR eviction. He must have known.
Also, the lawfirm my sister and brother in law took my father to: Neuner(jewish) and Ventura of Marlton, NJ. I was told he was signing a will. Later I found out my sister got him to sign power of attorney to her. That was about 15-20 years ago. She sold his condo and the duplex I was living in. I wound up in the trailer park.
Now, my father has been living with my sister for many years; since she sold his condo. She has been his caregiver. It was made clear to me that I was unwelcome to their house. So he would drive to meet me somewhere usually. A very few times I came to their house and it was a very negative reception. All this time, she has been in charge of his care. I was allowed none or very little involvement. This includes at least two occasions I found out later that my sister and brother in law took him without my knowledge to facilities where he got shock treatments. He told me months/years after the fact. To me this makes ALL of her involvement with his medical care UNRELIABLE. Just like my uncle’s death scene. I suspect my father was drugged in addition to what I wrote about the campaign against his driving. Whether my sister knew about this(what I suspect) or not, I do not know. Her behavior is suspect, unfair in the least; to both my father and me. Nevertheless she has been in charge of the dispensing of his prescription drugs.
My brother in law about 5 years ago told me he was sick and tired of my father. And he didn’t want anything to do with my family. I said you have 2 members of my family in your house. He said Pat is my-his- family. I said well just give me my father and I’m gone. Obviously that didn’t happen.
I have been trying to get my father a second opinion, both physical and psychiatric, at Cooper Hospital. I didn’t say it, but I was going to try for a tox screen in addition to other checks on his medication. Possible overdose on psychiatric drugs? ANY drugs. etc.
Bottom line: I do not trust the government, especially the FBI. I do not trust the jews. I do not trust my sister and brother in law.

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  1. NewFederalist says:

    Bob, I read it. How can I possibly comment? All I can say is I’m sorry this is happening to your family.

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