I Say My Father Is Very Cleverly Being Held Captive/Hostage in the Veterans Administration CLC in Philadelphia, PA. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

First, the VA Community Living Center is a long term care facility. I believe one must be of sound mind so to speak, and choose to be there, or be adjudicated incompetent and placed there. That would be by Court order or requested by a Court ordered Guardian Ad Litem. To the best of my knowledge there is no such order or guardian for my father. The only legal authority involved with my father is my sister being power of attorney, despite my longstanding objections. She said at the Care One rehab in Moorestown, NJ, where he was previously, that he has dementia. I expressed my skepticism. She must have arranged his transfer to the VA.
At the VA recently, my father’s case worker, Kurt, said following my concerns, my father was asked at a meeting of him and his team if he wanted a lawyer. Kurt said my father said no. I’m sorry, but Kurt and the VA and my sister cannot have it both ways. BY asking him if he wanted legal assistance, they were in effect saying that they recognize that he is competent to make such a decision. Yet he says that the VA doctors have verified that he has dementia therefore is incompetent.
Further, my sister is power of attorney, again, despite my longstanding objections. Yet she is not an attorney herself. Therefore my father has not had any legal counsel for quite some time. Also, she has been in effect in charge of his finances. Yet she is not a professional financial advisor herself; it is a conflict of interest in that she is 50/50 beneficiary withy me in my father’s will. Also she has been in effect his caregiver/medical authority. Yet she is not a health care professional or provider herself. Also she has had him living at her house for many years. One time I got into an argument with her and my brother in law. I said my father has tenants rights there. She said he -my father-has no rights here. I was astounded; outraged. She called the Collingswood police and told them to take me out of their house, which they did. She neglected to say that I was with my father in his basement apartment with his permission as tenant.
The CLC itself is quite secure. All the doors and windows are secured and/or alarmed. There is only one entrance/exit. There is a guard there. Patients/inmates are required to have a pass to leave. Visitors must sign in. The fence does not go all the way around; vehicles can freely come and go. There is no barbed wire. My father’s wheelchair is alarmed. There is a wire clipped to his shoulder. It goes off if he tilts or falls over or leaves the second floor residential area. He is quite securely locked into the second floor and monitored. That is good and bad.

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