“I Want To See You Arrested.”-Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

As I wrote about here previously, this is what my sister blurted out to me about 2 years ago.
Now I have discussed going to the VA and asking my father if he wants to go on day pass/leave the premises with me with his case worker Kurt, nurse practitioner Lois and psychologist (Agnes) Dr. Kleczek. I was informed I could be arrested for kidnapping my father.
My suspicion is that my sister colluded with the government(dhs/fbi/democratic-republican party/mossad) against me for years. This scenario is probably one of several that was engineered over the years. My father complained to me about several close calls he had while driving, at least 2 of which could not have been his fault. This led to my sister taking his drivers license directly from his wallet. His inability to walk came on fairly suddenly leading me to suspect he was drugged/poisoned. This led directly to my sister and brother in law taking him to the Care One rehab. From there he was taken to the VA CLC. etc. There are many examples. I do not believe my sister and brother in law have the wherewithall to accomplish all these things. Any more than I believe that 9/11 was accomplished by a few religious fanatics dwelling in caves in Afghanistan.
This fits in with other of my suspicions. Some involving my sister. For example. The terrorist shooting at the Pulse Club in Orlando, FL. This happened right after the Libertarian party national convention. I had wondered if it was possible that shooting was intended for the LGBT caucus at the Convention, of which I am a supporter. Then when I decided at the last minute to not go, the shooter was redirected/manipulated to go to the Pulse instead. I wanted to go to the convention very much. However I was short on train fare. I asked my sister who, quite uncharacteristically agreed to give me train fare from my father’s account in cash.
My suspicions also arise about my father in a wheel chair. Not only did his difficulty walking come on suddenly, he evidently did not recover in the rehab. That surprised me. He was always a walking person. Jogging also. He golfed with at least regular partners for years. He was athletic in his youth. So why has he not recovered in rehab? This has me wondering about a drug side effect or even deliberate poisoning. All this must be by more than one person with exceptional skills and knowledge. A think tank to formulate and maintain the attack. Other specialists to carry it out.

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