Charlottesville: Another Covert Operation? -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Once again? After Pearl Harbor, JFK, 9/11 et al. Haven’t we learned yet?
True, this is not of such magnitude. But clearly the same operators. The same tactics, targets and victims.
And a target is often a victim also. In this case the Alt-Right.
Historically, the Alt-Right is heavily surveilled and targeted by covert operations and infiltrated and suppressed by the secret police.
The ZOG, dhs/fbi and the mossad. Before Israel, by the Zionists.
As is the radical left.
So, knowing this, what can we determine in this case?
First Responder and civilian injured and/or killed. They are collateral damage; expendable. SOP.
Well, we should look closely at the video that has been publicized; having learned from the Zapruder film. Almost certainly there was operatives in place to observe and record. To capitalize/exploit in one way or another.
And the “accident” involving the police helicopter. Interesting how that has been spinned into the Alt-Right’s fault.
And Governor Terry McAuliffe, DEMOCRAT, blaming the Alt-Right and calling for them to leave Charlottesville.
The other significant event, the car deliberately driven into the crowd. The operator evidently a known alt-right sympathizer. Almost certainly this was NOT done in collusion with the Alt-right organizers. So, was it COMPLETELY a lone wolf act or was it a manipulated collusive act? By whom? Note that I heard his mother’s name is Samantha Bloom(?)(sp?).
The various investigations? By the ZOG, of course! FBI, NTSB FAA, Grand Juries etc.
TWO DEAD COPS. Well, this was a major incident with no major injuries basically winding down UNTIL THE CAR INTO THE CROWD AND
Somebody needed some bodies. For headlines and major blame for the Alt-Right. Who might that be?
The 5 Dancing Israelis? Watching the Twin Towers fall.
Lots of dead cops there.
Lots of Islamists (enemies of Israel) to blame there.
Alt-Right = Enemies of Israel.

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