Announcing My Candidacy for President of the UNITED STATES for 2020. -Robert W. Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Greetings all.

With this post I announce my candidacy. This is my fifth election cycle. Note that Salvador Allende was elected on his fourth try. As before,
I seek the Green and/or Libertarian party nominations. Failing that, an Independent run.

Recently I tried a Civil Rights Complaint in US Courts to do-over the 2016 election, vacate the Electoral College and remedy Duverger’s Law by Top Ten. It was denied in District Court in NJ. Third Circuit upheld 17-3832. I could have moved for an en banc hearing, but have given this try up. I have no confidence in the USSupreme Court in this matter either. The fix is in, at least to me IMO. Perhaps if more people and organizations got involved in a class action, there might be some progress.
Little has changed in my campaign. I still believe the Green and Libertarian parties can coordinate and maximize their vote to win in a close plurality. This Strategy is called PLAS: Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. I am still seeking a woman libertarian vp candidate for a PLAS ticket. In the 2016 cycle I noted and endorsed Darcy Richardson/Thomas Knapp as a possible PLAS ticket, although I prefer Knapp’s wife, Tamara, in the vp slot. Also, if Joe Biden would bolt the democratic party for the Green party and select a woman libertarian vp for his ticket and declare a PLAS ticket/campaign, I would consider endorsing him. He has experience, name recognition and resources that I and most third party candidates lack.
If you are interested in my campaign, please contact me here at The PLAS Place.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to Announcing My Candidacy for President of the UNITED STATES for 2020. -Robert W. Milnes at The PLAS Place.

  1. Dave from NY says:

    This needs broader exposure. Please call in to the show tonight between 5 and 7 EST. 740-I-AM-1488 or Radical Agenda on Skype

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