The Solution to American School Mass Shootings Is…Already in There! -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Schools as Inverse Quarantine Centers for Youth.
The Solution to American school mass shootings is consequential to the solution to American violence. Which is a consequence to the solution to world violence. Which is a world/universal problem. Which is the second biggest problem in the Universe. More or less a political problem… Uh-oh!
But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Assuming IMO world/universal violence is the second biggest problem, let’s limit this writing to that for now, shall we? Perhaps later we can address the biggest problem in the Universe.
Violence is a huge problem, no doubt. Is there, Heaven help us, a quick and easy solution? Unfortunately, no. However, there is a quick and easy primer of sorts that cuts to the chase (pun intended) so to speak.
I am referring to “Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence” by James W. Prescott, PhD. According to Wikipedia, he is a very old man, about 90, and is still alive. see: Not to steal his thunder, I met him once, iirc sometime in the 70’s, perhaps 80’s. Anyway I went to his house in Maryland and we discussed his article. Then I bummed a ride back to the bus station and busfare home! Then a few years ago I managed to converse with him via email. He said he didn’t remember me but we did then engage in conversation. Eventually he let me down, much like Richard Winger of Ballot Access News (but that is a whole other story!). I believe he could see that I was interested in him and his work in my campaign for President. He must have distrust of politics and politicians therefore was very resistant/hesitant. I eventually gave up.
Short said, Prescott discusses various observations and studies leading to the conclusion that much violence can be traced back to amount of touch, body contact, pleasure in youth. This corresponds to Reich’s theories such that he(Reich) left in his will a provision providing for The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund. I tried to contact the Trustee as well as Reich’s daughter to little avail. I did manage to visit Dr. Alexander Lowen of Bioenergetic Analysis in NYC. I wrote him and he returned with a brief but complimentary letter. Lowen was analyzed by Reich. He died in 2008.
What specifically to do about these findings seems to be the block, rather than the basics. Which leads here to my proposal, actually formulated many years ago, that schools could be modified to be 24/7 facilities for prophylactic/therapeutic upbringing of youth, not just education. It should be mandatory and universal, like HPV vaccination. However, in a compromise to Homeschooling, it could be voluntary and highly recommended and with weekends spent “at home”. Yes, children would live, mostly, at school!
Quarantine usually means keeping the one or few infected with a communicable disease from contact with the many who are not. Inverse quarantine would be keeping the least infected (youth) from those most infected (elders). Violence would be defined as a communicable disease. By the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA. Prescott worked at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Maryland.
“Hardening” of schools and having only one entrance has been mentioned often and elsewhere. It should have a fenced perimeter. All exits of the one way Fire exit type. The entrance would have at least one guard. Metal detector. Perhaps a police substation also. Plenty of surveillance cameras. Administrators and teachers could be voluntarily armed, but kept separate from the students. Teaching could be mostly via videocam. Teaching with contact could be done by the older students with video supervision. Such as physical education, home economics, wood shop etc.
to be continued…
Sociology/Anthropology. Trobriand Islands matriarchy. Malinowski.
Prophylaxis-Quarantine/Inverse Quarantine.
Therapy-Couples Therapy. Advanced sex education.
Freud/Reich. Psychoanalysis/Social psychoanalysis.
Schools as inverse quarantine of youth centers. 24/5/weekends home school.
Hardening of facilities. One entrance. Separation of administration/teachers/students.
Prenatal/nursery care facility incorporated. With elementary, junior/senior high school.
University level separate.
Teaching via videocam. Youth supervising youth.
Administrators/teachers armed. Police substations.

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