Race, Religion and Politics in The New World. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS PLACE.

The New World. The Americas, North and South, connected by a land bridge. Called Central America, it is considered part of North America. The time and place of human inhabitation here still with many questions. As it separated from the Old World supercontinent called Pangea, it remained uninhabited by humans while the primates evolved. The Stone Age followed by the beginnings of human civilization in The Fertile Crescent.
Fast forward to the present day. The Americas well populated. USA 2019 near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I find myself. Recently my cousin took the ancestry test. One of our ancestors, our grandfather is “Iberian”. Family scuttlebutt is that he was Indian and his parents were from Maryland. But since his last name sounded German, a few of us, including my cousin, thought maybe he was an unusually swarthy German. Her other results were Irish and Scandinavian. She said of the test results “Where is the German?” He was an Iberian.
Further research led me to an astonishing discovery: The Solutrean Hypothesis. That is, a working hypothesis such that Stone Age people (Caucasians) from what is now southern France/Northern Spain (Iberia) made their way across the LGM Last Glacial Maximum to what is now the east coast of the USA, starting about 20,000 ya. This was about 5,000 years before the estimated crossing of people (Asians) from Siberia across Beringia.
Further research found that there is evidence that people (Africans) crossed either/or Southern Atlantic or southern Pacific to South America, about 40,000 ya.
We all know that upon European “discovery” and subsequent colonization of The New World, the native people did not resemble northern Mediterraneans, nor Australian Aborigines/Africans. But they did resemble Asians. So evidently the last Stone Age “gene pool” to enter The New World became the one that prevailed in populating it. But clearly there is evidence of “interbreeding” much like Homo Sapiens interbreeded with Neanderthals in Stone Age Europe. Further evidently the Clovis (New Mexico) point resembles closely Solutrean type stone technology; Possibly going up to Beringia but not further into Asia and down to northern South America. Clearly further research is necessary to determine how far the Solutreans went and how, when and where the contacts between the three races occurred.
Fortunately I have nearly completed a proposal to fairly divide up The New World via the United Nations.
Meanwhile I am trying to get involved in the criminal defense of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter. If the jury rules him not guilty by reason of self defense, then that could be developed into a strategy to compel the U.S. government and the United Nations to do something about the terrorist state of Israel.
And I am involved in 2020 presidential politics as a candidate for the Green party nomination. Further I have evidence of Trump/Moscow collusion dating back to 2011.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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