Possible Evidence of Trump-Russia/GOP Collusion in 2012 Election.- by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

In 2008 I had run for the presidential nomination of the radical libertarian Boston Tea Party(BTP). I had tried and lost the Libertarian nomination and was trying again to form a PLAS(Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy) fusion- m.progressive p./f. libertarian vp.- ticket. I failed to find a vp for my ticket. I had suggested Mike Gravel/Mary Ruwart but nobody listened to me. I asked Ruwart to bolt her beloved LP and run with me for the BTP nomination. IIRC she emailed me a polite no thank you. I lost to Charles Jay and there was no PLAS campaign.
So I tried again for 2012. The BTP is/was an all online convention, this time earlier than the LP-in December 2011. There was three candidates seconded, myself, Tiffany Briscoe and Phil Davison. I was hoping a woman would get the vp slot and actually was!-Kimberly Johnson. But I lost to Briscoe. Again, there was no talk of a PLAS campaign. I was very disappointed and LIVID!
I had become suspicious of Briscoe and her campaign manager, Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux. They seemed out of place, even more than me. And interlopers at best. Nobody had heard of them including me. And by then I considered myself fairly well informed about the third party/independent situation in America. I soon suspected a covert operation. But I was thinking the more garden variety FBI/DHS type. I knew little about Trump and Russian involvement in American presidential politics.
I forget how it happened but I stumbled upon an inconsistency in Briscoe’s resume. It said on her website that she was a graduate and Trustee at Howard Community College. It just seemed a stretch, so I decided to check into it. Eventually I found out she was not a Trustee, not even a graduate. Just a current student. I wrote about this on my website/blog. Since I was banned from commenting in Independent Political Report, it was picked up and printed there. First in comments, then in articles.
It became quite the sensation. I was lauded as an investigative reporter!
But then there was some blowback-from Crevaux. At me directly at first, then indirectly.
see: Archives, Independent Political Report, January 13, 2012, BTP Nominee Tiffany Briscoe not a graduate, says Community College Registrar by William S. Saturn.
In addition, Milnes also claims that Briscoe’s campaign manager Pierre Alexandre Crevaux called and offered him the vice-presidential position on different state ballots in “a standard reactionary political practice-to placate the loser.”
In response, Crevaux said: Honestly, such an issue wouldn’t even be considerable since I am not the one taking care of such decisions…
I guess he loves to make this campaign look ridiculous. There is no chance of collaboration like that. The man is accusing me of being a mix of Putin, Trump, and the GOP. I think ignoring him will be the best cure from now on.”
Milnes says Crevaux is “a fricken liar-in the least.”
Well! Of course at the time I noticed this, but I just assumed it was exaggeration for effect; hyperbole. I had mentioned covert operation but nobody had mentioned “Putin, Trump and the GOP.
Shortly later Crevaux wrote in response to BTP Chair Darryl Perry’s letter for explaination:
In the past few days, many things have been said about the Briscoe candidacy. Allegations have been raised, questions asked, and answers sought. Many had claimed this was just the work of a few individuals trying to end our road to victory, but we wish to underline that we fully understand the background and seriousness of most of these questions.
First of all, we want to make sure that everybody understands that this presidential ticket has no relation whatsoever with Russia, Donald Trump, or the Republican Party. Our campaign receives no funding, no publicity, nor any help of the sort from them, as was theorized by some. Moreover, we want to clarify that Chairman Perry has no contact with the Putin Government in Moscow, and our foreign policy platform is only based on peaceful and commercial bases and has no special interest included in it.”
WOW! What a difference a few years make in the Trump era. At the time I had mentioned covert operation. But I was thinking mostly paulie cannoli, who I figured was owned by the FBI and lent to Israel. And the FBI/DHS and Israel were in collusion. And maybe Darryl was duped or at worst bought off. Note that Darryl appeared on RT soon after the nomination and Briscoe was supposed to also. So the whole Trump. Putin, Russia, Republican party thing went right over my head. So what covert operation meant to me, it meant this to Crevaux/Briscoe.
Then there was a renomination that I lost. Then the BTP was declared defunct by Darryl.
In retrospect, this denial was basically an admission of a Trump-Putin operation including Darryl. To neutralize BTP/PLAS. Russia would manipulate the election by suppressing the democratic vote, enhancing the republican vote in the close Electoral College states. And suppress any possible long shots like PLAS. Making Donald Trump president. Who they own. And getting all sorts of goodies like pulling out of Nato and Syria, lifting sanctions more military aid to Israel and moving the embassy to Jerusalem etc.
Of course this should be reported to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, assuming he hasn’t already figured it out. IMO.
NOTE: In around 2013 I declared for another candidacy for 2016. My ex-girlfriend, my hope for a First Lady, Nancy Benson, PhD, “died”. And I believe something, kidnapping and/or murder, happened to William S. Saturn.

Addendum Tuesday 1/22. Well, well, well. I just googled Crevaux.
linkedin.com/in/pierre-alexandre-crevaux-6501628a Elections Committee Chairman for Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County
Assuming it is him, he still plays with the lighting in photos. Brisco’s photo had a low lamp with floodlight pointing up in front of her highlighting her face.
This photo has bright lighting behind and above which tends to shadow the face.
Well, this sort of verifies my suspicions that the GOP has the LP pretty well infiltrated. I figured the LP convention vote was rigged, but I was hoping the BTP vote was not. What a joke on me. PLAS never had a fair chance. I should have known.
BTW, I have another suspicion. I think my sister is being handled. By the democratic, not republican party. I think my father is being drugged in the Phila. VA. Him being there is under her control as POA. But I was against it. But I am unable to get legal assistance to fight her in Court. I’ve never been able to get legal assistance over the years which could be arranged by the FBI/DHS. Every time I call a lawyer, they pay him a visit and nip that in the bud.
Something she did raised a red flag for me, but not at the time. I wanted to go to the LP convention in Orlando in 2016. Bad. But I was short on cash, for bus fare or better yet, train fare. etc. I was desperate enough to ask my sister. But I figured that was a no go. She just about never gives me cash. But she surprised me and did. But at the last minute I decided to not go. My sister was mad thinking I lied to her just to get the money which was not true. Somebody wanted me to get bus fare from an unsuspicious source.
My sister could be duped by a handler or a willing conspirator. I really don’t know.
Then about a week after the Pulse Club shooting in Orlando, which was about a week after the LP convention, I got to thinking. Could it be that the shooter at Pulse actually was set up to shoot up the LGBT caucus at the LP convention first? But for some reason that didn’t work out. But why waste a perfectly good terrorist operation? He was psyched up to shoot gays, the Pulse Club is gay. Then I REALLY got to thinking. What if the Convention shooting was called off because I didn’t show up? While the shooter was busy shooting up a LGBT caucus meeting, somebody else could have shot me in the confusion. Would have been like shooting a fish in a barrel.

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