Waiting for The Coup.

Quite some time ago I called for a coup d’état. Against Trump and the IC (intelligence community). But also Congress and the Judiciary as corrupted. By the longstanding effects of Duverger’s Law and to a lesser degree the Electoral College. Both of these are flaws in the Constitution but could be remedied. I’m dubious but actually there has been some progress against the Electoral College with the Interstate Compact on the National Popular Vote (NPVIC). On the other hand, Duverger’s Law is deeply ingrained and self perpetuating. My proposal of Top Ten should remedy it, but is strongly resisted. I failed in a Civil Rights Complaint in District Court in New Jersey.
To be continued…
As I described, First Responders could surround various IC Buildings/facilities. Arrest everyone inside on RICO charges -to start. The military could surround The White House etc.
I personally seem to be in some sort of imposed limbo. Imposed by the IC in coordination with my sister as Power of Attorney over my father. I am barely able to pay my bills, even after my sister pays my rent. She bought a trailer-I got the title- for me and supposedly my father. She gave me my father’s car and pays the insurance. I have that title also. This was very uncharacteristic of her, so I think somebody-in IC-told her to do that. Just like the trainfare to the LP convention in Orlando in 2016. Somebody-IC-wanted me to go to Orlando very much.
Through the years I think I have been gaslighted to attempt suicide. Most recently it involves many strange things happening around my house mostly. 2 cats probably poisoned. 2 evergreens out front turning brown. Attempts to get into my doors with a key-but I changed one of 2 locks on each door-and jimmy the back door.
Quite frankly, I am surprised the military hasn’t moved against this buffoon by now.
The President of the UNITED STATES must not be a buffoon, no matter how much political support he has.
The 2016 election was doubly illegitimate, due to foreign interference. The 2020 election is well under way to be the same.
Addendum 4/25. I am writing this here in order to not bump the headline. I will separately post more on this subject later.
It is amazing to me how much and how quickly my opinion about these two subjects has evolved. Two State Solution to Israel-Palestine/Amends to Native Americans.
Presently I would support a move to petition the United Nations to rescind its resolutions creating Israel from the British Mandate in Palestine. Then Ordering all Jews to go to the Sinai Peninsula with Egyptian consent to form a self policing semi autonomous government. The indigenous Bedouins would have to be relocated.
Within the past few days I have formulated a position on how to divide up the Americas, The “New World”. I’m convinced the Solutrean Hypothesis is correct. Aborigines arrived in South America west coast first about 40kya. Then Solutrean arrived on North America east coast about 20kya. Then mongols arrived on north west across the Beringia land bridge about 15kya. The Mongols eventually prevailed in populating the entire Americas as noted upon European “discovery” of the Americas in 1492 et seq. However, there must have been contact between the mongols and Solutreans and the Mongols and Aborigines. Possibly but not necessarily between the Solutreans and Aborigines.
In the “Old World” the general process was as Homo Sapiens advanced outward from Africa to Asia then east and north and west, they were encroaching on uninhabited land. Previous hominids had become extinct. EXCEPT a few instances of homo sapiens contacting previous hominids. One example the contact in Europe with the Neanderthals. They interbred but it is not known with certainty whether this contact was violent or not generally. Perhaps it was mixed.
Again generally, if a species can interbreed with another, they are variants of the same species. In other words different species cannot interbreed.
e.g. there are birds which look identical but cannot interbreed. There is the case of the Liger, an interbreed of a lion and tiger, which would seem to indicate that lions and tigers are variants of the same species.
At first I developed a proposal that was based on my concept of a “fair colony”. That is 50/50 land and population and economic parity. This was largely not done in the European colonization of the Americas. So with the complication of three different “colonizations” of the Americas I developed separation North and Central America and the Carribean islands into North America and then South America. The USA would divide the land into 50/50 with the mongoloid Native American tribes and Mexicans etc. South America would be divided between the mongols and aborigines. The USA would assume responsibility for financial equity in NA. Some other entity would do the same for SA.
The Mongols achieved a fait accompli by populating all of the Americas despite not being first there or even second.
Presently I am convinced that the contact between the mongols and Solutreans was mostly nonviolent. Based on similarity of appearance. The Solutreans probably had similar skin tone, brown eyes straight black hair. However the differences in appearance between mongols and aborigines is stark. I m convinced contact was violent, perhaps almost exclusively violent. The BBC produced a documentary about the aborigines being first in America-South America. They produced an animation based on cave paintings depicting a virtually treacherous attack by a mongol on an aborigine by jumping from high up, perhaps from a tree, and stabbing him in the back with a spear.
I did some further research. The native americans/mongols had a lot of human sacrifice.
Further, the Mongols are noted by historians as committing some of the most heinous atrocities in human history in the continent wide wars against China, the Middle East Persia and Europe Hungary and Poland under Ghengis Khan. Also at this time was the Black Death/bubonic plague. This was a bacterium which originated in Central asia and moved westward in these same areas. The Mongols probably did not deliberately bring the disease with them but did use it tactically by hurling cadavers from the disease over city walls and various defenses. And when one engages in atrocities, one must accept responsibility for the intended as well as the unintended consequences.
So my feelings about the Native Americans dramatically changed. From very positive, almost of veneration, to one of revulsion. AS did my feelings about the jews.
My new proposal involves relocation of the third tier inhabitants of the Americas to the Mongolia area. I believe Mongolia is presently the most sparsely populated country in the world. This need not be so. And it need not be so barren.
So the United Nations needs to make some difficult decisions. To correct its own mistake of creating the apartheid state of Israel by relocating the Bedouins from Sinai and quarantining the jews there.
And whether to reward the Mongols with half of the Americas. Or remove them from the Americas.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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