Green Ticket Election Victory in 2020! WTF! Are You Crazy?

Yes, I guess so.
A simple proposal/plan: Top Ten + PLAS.
1. Party officials and activists, with optimism and confidence, explain among themselves and others particularly media and voters, that the Green party is going to try a new Strategy: Top Ten + PLAS. The Green party should reach out to the Libertarian party for its cooperation. Eventually it would be a 50/50 agreement.
2.Implement Top Ten. Top Ten is to “level the playing field” by getting the six significant political parties in USA full ballot access. The six parties are Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Constitution and Reform. The six parties cover the entire political spectrum of the bell curve, from radical left to centrist to ultra right. So everyone will have a choice of a viable ticket that closely corresponds to their political beliefs. We know the democratic and republican parties will get full ballot access as they always do. The Libertarian party usually gets most if not all ballot access. The Green party usually gets a lot of ballot access but not full or nearly full. The Constitution and Reform are usually much less successful at ballot access. It sounds counterintuitive, but if the Libertarian and Green parties help the Constitution and Reform parties get full access, the playing field will level and their polling will go up significantly. And the democratic and republican party polling will go down significantly. All six should level off at low double digits. Green and Constitution about 27%, democratic and republican about 17%, Libertarian about 13%, Reform extremely variable. The remaining 4 slots are for possible Independents. These are not necessary for Green victory.
3. Implement PLAS: The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. If the Green and Libertarian parties were to cooperate in order to combine their vote, it should add up to 40%; 27% + 13% = 40%. This is enough to win in a close plurality. The party ticket should be a progressive (Green) man P./Libertarian woman VP. All the remaining down ticket ballots should be ONLY a Green OR Libertarian so as to not split the vote. It should be kept at about 50/50.
A simple way of stating this is to vote for a Green instead of a Democrat and a Libertarian instead of a Republican.
But Beware of Counterplas. The Constitution party may try to get The Libertarian Vote (Cato Institute Study) to win!
Greens, understand that no matter how well you set this up, it will not work if the voters do not understand what you have done for them. You MUST educate the voters!
Remember that EVERYBODY in UsA has been brainwashed to accept the two party system as normal and right, which it is not. Duverger’s Law has been in de facto effect throughout history. So even the Founding Fathers themselves could not have remedied it. Maurice Duverger himself did not study it and report on it until about the 1960’s.
Fortunately, it is possible despite being very difficult, for the Green party to accomplish this on its own. Even I, the originator of Top Ten + PLAS, am not necessary. Although it would be a lot better if I were in at least an advisory capacity. Also the Libertarian party; not necessary but a lot better. Government action such as legislative or judicial remedy unnecessary; quite the contrary. The government i.e. the powers that be i.e. the democrats and republicans, can be relied on to collude against this.
Actually IMO, Top Ten is not absolutely necessary either. PLAS by itself could succeed. However it is so outlandish, outrageous, out of the box, that most people cannot relate to it evidently. This proposal -PLAS- has been out there for about 10 years. Ridiculed, criticized, marginalized, suppressed. So, maybe when associated with Top Ten, it will get some traction. I created Top Ten largely to counter Top Two, which is a real scary possibility to lock in the two party system. And then in my Civil Rights Complaint in US District Court for New Jersey in 2017 against the 2016 election, as a proposed remedy to Duverger’s Law.
Of course I lost in District Court and of course that gobbledygook judgement was upheld in US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. My experiences in US Courts is clear evidence that they are unreliable in political matters and are easily abused against dissidents by the DHS/FBI. That is what happened to me in 1985.
Top Ten SHOULD get all six significant parties into the 2020 Presidential Debates.
Again, IMO getting into the debates is better but not necessary for the Green party to win the election. PLAS by itself could succeed.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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