A Call for an Emergency Meeting of the Green Party in Philadelphia on Strategy and Security ASAP by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

It has become clear to me that the Green party Annual Meeting in Salem MA is a fiasco.
The Green party as well as the Libertarian are both heavily infiltrated and under the near complete control of the DHS/FBI/Mossad and the democratic and republican parties. IMO.
I had registered for the meeting and intended to attend. However I had communicated that I was concerned about security because I suspected that the Libertarian party National Convention in 2016 in Orlando was targeted, but aborted then the Pulse Club attacked a few days later. It may have been aborted when I decided to not go at the last minute. So now I was concerned about attending this Salem meeting.
In addition I had information that the powers that be in order to further marginalized me, planned to attack me with an accusation of witchcraft. It is absurd and not true, but with the absurdity of Trump, anything is possible. All they would need is some connection to me with witchcraft in Salem, MA. So an additional reason to not attend there.
I started to wonder how and by whom it was said that this meeting was to be held in Salem, MA of all places.
Then I heard that Howie Hawkins was the first presidential candidate recognized by the Green party. I have been suspicious of the H20 campaign upon realizing how much free publicity they’ve been getting at Independent Political Report. Owned by Warren Solomon Redlich, who was a Libertarian candidate for governor in New York, it is known to be libertarian dominated and few Green posts or comments. And I’m not the only one with complaints about the H20 campaign. I wondered if the powers that be have decided to make Jill Stein disappear in favor of Robert Milnes look alike/wannabe Hawkins. But on the other hand, if Hawkins, or any other candidate, endorsed Top Ten + PLAS, I would cautiously endorse him as nominee. I would seek to be a consultant and special advisor. And would certainly keep an eye on him like a hawk. Note that I endorsed the Darcy Richardson/Thomas Knapp ticket for the Reform party nomination in 2016. That COULD be a Top Ten + PLAS fusion ticket whether they realize it or not. I believe Darcy is a leftist/progressive of some sort. I KNOW Tom is a renown radical libertarian since I have known him and followed his blog since about 2003. I have tried to recruit his wife, Tamara Millay, as vp on my ticket. I would prefer a Darcy/Tamara fusion ticket.
Last night I got a patronizing call from John Andrews of the GP PCSC. Actually 2 calls. I think the first was accidental. The volume was low and I think I heard voices oooooooooooh, take that quote out of context! It seemed like someone was setting up a conference call. Then it was cut off. Then he called again. I asked him if this was a conference call or being recorded. He said no more than once. He said some things like he was communicating the general feeling of the pcsc that I seemed like I needed help which they could not provide, implying mental health help. I said no, I’m offering the GP MY help, in the form of a winning strategy. You know you are going to lose, don’t you? Well the party has a plan to increase our vote to 1.4 million. I laughed and said that is pathetic.. But you are still going to lose, right? Just admit it John. He sad I feel sorry for you. I said You sound like my sister John. And she is a democrat. Why don’t YOU join the democratic party? The conversation went like that then he hanged up. I was furious! First a gotcha question from him/pcsc, then a patronizing phone call.
So it all boils down to the Strategy. Top Ten + PLAS. Will or will not the Green party adopt this Strategy? I think it is an emergency. And when you throw in Security, it definitely is an emergency. I say the dhs/fbi/mossad is clearly capable of setting up a sophisticated assassination by a loose cannon taking out gays galore and blaming Isis. I say Israeli intelligence is capable of getting Saudi intelligence to find 20 or so homicidal/suicidal religious zealots to hijack planes and fly them into The Great Satan’s buildings. Hell, if I had the poison oil rich Saudi budget even I could probably do that. So what terrorist attack is next? And with the fad of false flag operations, who is to know which terrorists are all the rage du jure? Or the intended victims? Or collateral damage? Sounds like a drone attack.
ASAP means before the powers that be can arrange a sabotage of some sort
I request that the Green and Libertarian parties no longer conduct any large, important meetings in The South. It is too dangerous.
I believe the safest places are large cities in NE US. So I suggested Philadelphia being closest to me. Next NYC or Washington.
It would be an extremely daunting task to try to root out all the spies and saboteurs in the GP and LP. So rather let’s demand The Strategy NOW! and try to out as many as possible. That’s about my best advice.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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