HELP! I Am Under Attack by The DHS/FBI/Mossad and Democratic and Republican Parties. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

And have been for quite some time.
But it is noticeably worse recently.
I believe I am being gas lighted, with intent to induce suicide.
Also what I call “pile on”. This is to cause several problems at once. Coinciding/complementing with gaslighting.
Over the years I have been assassination attempted, snitch jacketed, false flagged, gaslighted, credibility and character assassination, campaign sabotage and who knows.
By their very nature, surveillance and covert operations are SECRET.
My earliest suspicions go back to 1984. Ron Raygun was up for reelection. All of a sudden I was visited by what is now called a “homie” Bruce Reilly. See State of New Jersey v Bruce Reilly 1984. We were from the same neighborhood, school, many childhood friends in common. He was standing at the stairs landing, I was in basement walking up. All of a sudden he started laughing pointing a 357 at me. Well he was apologetic about that. He wanted to go see a girl we both knew, Patti Blumenstein. He was in the navy and served in the Antarctic and was at a transfer of nuclear weapons on a tarmac with lines of soldiers at some base in NJ I think. McGuire, Fort Dix, Lakehurst? . Got into some sort of trouble and discharged. I heard he had joined the military on the buddy system with Carl Canzanese, another “homie”. Carl’s nickname was “Tart” which is short for “retart”.
He came back that evening saying let’s go to this bar near Patti’s apartment. I went along reluctantly. I am not a bar person. He had some beers and I nursed one. He began to harass the band. Then he made a phone call. For all you young-uns that means he found a pay phone on the wall somewhere. Then he said he was going out to his van where I knew he had the gun and boxes of bullets, saying he’ll be back and teach the band a lesson. I said to myself I’m done. I’m outta here. I decided to walk home. It was a hike but doable. As I am walking I saw police with lights and sirens going in the opposite direction as me. Somehow I thought Bruce had done something.
Sure enough a few days later I found out he had kidnapped the bouncer. His defense was that the gun was for sale which I knew was not true. Would I be a witness? I was asked to go to his scumbag defense attorney’s office in Philadelphia with 2 other potential witnesses. Ken Holden who was my good neighbor who I knew and trusted and another guy I didn’t know, Carl Canzanese’s brother in law. Turns out he said he had warrants and didn’t want to testify. Also he said he and Carl were in the bar parking lot when all this happened.
I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know that. I started thinking this sounded like a set up. Where Bruce would get into gunplay with the band and Carl with his brother in law would join in and I wind up getting shot.
Bruce wound up beating the kidnapping charge. Getting convicted of a gun charge. I did not testify for either the defense or prosecution. The prosecutor’s name was Jaffa Stein. She was quite pretty but I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can spit. I spoke with her once after the trial. She warned me not to follow up on my suspicions saying it was “too dangerous”.
Fast forward to the Pulse bar shooting 2016. I thought deja vu. Maybe this loose cannon was supposed to shoot up the Libertarian National Convention lgbtq caucus which I planned to attend but bailed at the last minute. Then it was called off but why waste a perfectly good terrorist attack? So he wound up a few days later shooting up the lgbtq Pulse Club. Which would mean he was “handled” by somebody; his wife?
Another red flag for me was my sister. We are pretty estranged. But in desperation I asked her for bus fare to Orlando. Much to my surprise she said ok. She came over to my house which she never had, and handed me 300. That got me thinking that someone wants me to go to Orlando. And is in a position to get my sister to give me bus fare. Her “handler”? I don’t know for sure, do I? She might not even know she is being handled, if she even is.
Will write more here later.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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