A Call To All Green and Libertarian Party Activists and Candidates To Boycott/Strike the Parties. By Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I fully understand the meaning of this and take full responsibility.
Since the Green and Libertarian parties will virtually almost certainly nearly completely lose on all ballots they manage to get on, little will be lost in a boycott/strike.
Hence no harm, no foul.
However, on the other hand, if we can rattle the cage and shake out some spies and saboteurs, and right the ship on a new course to victory, all is well.
But, does anyone deny that the GP and LP will lose? As they always have so far; has something changed? No, I think not.
Ask any person on the street, “Will the Green or Libertarian ticket win in 2020?”
LOL! They will laugh out loud in your face!
EVERYBODY knows this. Why does no one say it? Out loud for all to hear, rather than just think it in the recesses of one’s mind? If that.
Anyone who denies this is a brainwashed madman. Um… Madperson. Or fool. Or much worse.
This is because of Duverger’s Law. And deliberate spying and sabotage by The Powers That Be. i.e. the democrats and republicans. Which in my opinion is actually quite unnecessary. Yes, I believe that if the democrats and republicans did NOT illegally, unconstitutionally and immorally spy and sabotage third parties, independents and write ins, they would retain political power. Because Duverger’s Law has always been in effect everywhere, like bad weather. In the past, whenever mankind has managed to conduct an election, the centrists, the reactionaries, have nearly always won. The Founding Fathers remedied many governmental failings, what with The Bill of Rights et al. However they failed miserably to remedy unfair and unrepresentative elections. That has yet to happen.
That remedy is Top Ten + PLAS, I say.
Briefly, Top Ten would “level the playing field”. By getting the six significant parties in the USA, which cover the entire political spectrum bell curve, on all ballots. The six parties are democratic 17%, republican 17%, Green(progressive) 27%, Constitution(nationalist) 27%, Libertarian 13%, Reform variable/unknown. Clearly, any party except perhaps the Libertarian party would be very competitive to win, depending on several factors. The other four slots are for Independent tickets if any.
PLAS, The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy is to coordinate and maximize the progressive 27% and libertarian 13% vote, adding up to 40%. That is enough to win by a close plurality. The progressives and libertarians would arrange to get on about 50% of the ballots each.
So what is to be gained by a boycott/strike?
Several demands should be made.
I have already called for an Emergency meeting in Philadelphia asap on Strategy and Security. Top Ten + PLAS must be adopted. Also there must be more security. Among security measures should be a discontinuation of conducting national meetings in the south and west. The progressive/libertarian stronghold is in the NE USA. NYC/Philadelphia/Washington. e.g. The Libertarian convention for 2020 in Austin, TX, should be relocated.
Also we must defend Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter.
Clearly Israel is a racist, apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary terrorist state. Virtually by definition. The jews zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews are international terrorists. I believe the Mossad has obtained carte blanche from the DHS/FBI to operate within the USA against third parties, independents amd write ins. By doing this, the DHS/FBI exponentially increases its manpower and resources in this endeavor. Israel gets to politically persecute its enemies in USA in secrecy and virtual impunity. The centrist, reactionary parties in USA zealously support Israel, not the third parties.
If Mr. Bowers gets a dismissal, hung jury or acquittal in the criminal case against him, we could see the beginning of the end of the terrorist state of Israel.
He actually has an affirmative defense, not guilty by reason of self defense.
The Green party position on Israel/Palestine, The One State solution, a unified, secular Palestinian state, would result in the dissolution of Israel. Therefore the Green party MUST be a prime target of Israel. And as an advocate of Top Ten + PLAS, I MUST be a target of Israel. Therefore there is an urgent need for much more security.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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