Update on Progress RE: Call for Emergency Meeting in Philadelphia on Strategy and Secuirity and Boycott/Strike of GP and LP.

There has been some developments since the Green Party Annual Meeting in witch town/Warlock Village, Salem, MA. at the end of July. Whether they are directly related I’m not certain. But certainly worth mentioning.
There has been a significant shooting incident in Philadelphia since I called for an emergency meeting there. Six police officers were shot; fortunately all not life threatening injuries. This made national news.
I received two emails from the Green party. One the August Greenline-Annual Meeting Recap. Another from GPNJ, Meet Howie Hawkins.
I note a comment in Independent Political Report by paulie cannoli frankel that he is moving to Mexico.
My sister sent me an unusual text yesterday.
Let’s start there, shall we?
A text from my sister is a big deal as we are estranged. She is in charge and calling the shots. She has power of attorney over my father. She and my brother in law put him in rehab and then the VA in Philadelphia. I had no say or even knew about it. As it is, my brother in law has more say about my father than I do. Well she texted me from the VA. She said she was at a “care conference” about once every three months, and would I like to talk with him afterwards. Well, as it is I do not visit him because I am wary of covert operations against me especially on their turf. The federal government has jurisdiction over any possible criminal matters on its property. And I gave up talking to him on the phone. He is lucid initially briefly but quickly tires and gets nonlucid. He can’t walk so is confined to a wheel chair.
So here is me suspicious that he has been drugged to make him unable to walk and get unlucid quickly falsely diagnosed as having dementia. And I deeply resent my sister and brother in law in charge of his affairs. I believe I am being deliberately prevented from getting an attorney to help me with this situation. Simply if my calls and emails are monitored, they would know if I have contacted an attorney. Then they contact that attorney with some sort of manipulation or coercion. I believe this is what happened to my attorneys when I was illegally evicted. They withdrew. Who knows what dirt the FBI/mossad had on them.
So I said ok to the phone call. It lasted briefly of course. But it occurred to me that this might be some sort of veiled threat against my father to me. Whether my sister is in on it or not.
So let me say, and I have said this before, if my father or my sister are harmed by the DHS/FBI/Mossad, I will be hurt and furious. But that is that. My father has had a long, interesting life. I will consider this just more collateral damage from all the rest of the mischief and mayhem by the dhs/fbi/mossad. I cannot and will not be deterred from what I am trying to do. For one thing, I believe the world will never find peace as long as Israel exists. And also without a successful progressive movement. Which Israel is directly blocking. And I have communicated to my sister that I suspect her but she denies it. So I said these people are very evil who you are cavalierly involved with. So it is on you. She continues to deny.
Now about the comment in IPR by paulie. I have suspected him for a long time. I believe he was at the LP convention in Orlando in 2016. Maybe looking for the quickest exit for when the shooting starts. Interesting that he is seriously considering moving to mexico now, and not to Israel. Maybe he got the word that maybe Israel will not be safe soon. I say good riddance.
Annual Meeting recap. Sent by Starlene Rankin. I read no mention of Bob Milnes. Evidently Jill Stein was there. Howie Hawkins? No mention I saw. Was there a presidential nomination candidates’ debate/forum? No mention I saw.
Meet Howie Hawkins. Next Green loser. Ranked Choice Voting!!!! No, thanks. H20 Cute, though.
Now, about this shooting in Philadelphia. Is it me, or is this a coincidence that this happened shortly after I called for an emergency meeting in Philadelphia specifically. And six police officers shot, none fatally? That doesn’t sound right. This top notch criminal is a lousy shot? Unless…he was not trying to kill, but to injure. In that case, he was a very good shot, which sounds far more likely. But why? Why a protracted hostage situation, random shots usually hitting nothing, in Philadelphia? Um, maybe if somebody wanted to dampen enthusiasm for an emergency meeting with little or no security in Philadelphia.
But who would have that capability? Actually dhs/fbi/mossad. It is actually right up their alley. They are experts with the criminal justice system and the courts.
Finding a fugitive who is a good shot and willing to deal, no problem.
And the police commissioner was replaced very quickly. Now this is speculation, but it may be that such a shooting could occur in the city under democratic party control. So, the police wanted their organization under THEIR control.
Actually I may have managed to get some police support despite the radicals generally negative attitude about the police, and the military. In my writings I have pointed out how such covert operations often target innocent people and cause collateral damage, civilians and including the police and first responders. Especially Irish first responders. My two top examples are the assassination of President Kennedy accomplished by dhs/fbi/mossad including the shooting of Dallas PD officer JD Tippit. If Oswald was under surveillance the whole time, it would be a simple matter to manipulate a collision between him and Tippit or some other police officer via anonymous phone calls. When that didn’t work, i.e. Oswald shot Tippit instead of what they wanted, Tippit shoot Oswald, they got Jack Ruby-Jacob Rubenstein to silence-kill-him. And 9/11, a covert operation involving dhs/fbi/mossad and throw in Saudi intelligence to locate and secure 20 homicidal/suicidal religious-muslim, arabic zealots. No problem. Many if not most first responders especially in NYC were Irish Americans. I have promised them an objective investigation of 9/11.
I have asked them, and the military, to take over the government.
Now, if there is a boycott/strike of the GP and LP, it would be awkward to proceed with arranging an emergency meeting via the parties. So I propose an ad hoc committee be formed consisting of people from both parties. Arrange conference calls via av chat/conference software at first. Then select a time and place for the meeting. Preferably a place with significant security already in place. Suggestions? And have as many extra laptops present for people who opt to not be physically present to participate online. This mix of present and not present participation should be adopted by both parties in future meetings. Perhaps the BTP would have grown instead of shrunk if we had done that. But the issue never came up to my knowledge. It was started as an all online party and stayed that way until the bitter end.
This ad hoc committee could continue as a liaison officially between the parties.

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