Can I Ever Get Justice in U.S. Courts or Is The Fix In Against the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Also? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have been involved personally in three federal cases in my life of 67 years. In 1985 as a defendant in the case involving my fan letters to then Philadelphia tv anchor Deborah Knapp. I “lost” but I should not have. In 2017 as plaintiff in a civil rights complaint involving the 2016 elections. I “lost” but I should not have. And now in 2019 involving Robert Bowers the defendant in the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting last year. I am well on my way to losing but I should not. Not if justice is possible in U.S. Courts of which I am skeptical.
In the first case I was foolish and inexperienced and wound up plea bargaining. I didn’t realized I plea bargained for 5 years probation which as a first offender I probably would have gotten anyway. But in retrospect, I should not have been arrested by the FBI in the first place because I should not have been under surveillance and covert operations for political reasons. Because of Supreme Court rulings. And upon arrest counsel should have moved for dismissal on that ground. But the fix was in. The FBI knew I was indigent and would have to get the services of the inadequate federal defenders. And they knew they were not about to admit to surveillance and covert operations for political reasons. And they knew I was on SSI disability for mental health reasons. That could be used against me. So I wound up getting violated on probation which was planned from the beginning. I got sent to FCI Butner, NC, a showcase high security facility for mentally ill federal prisoners. e.g. John Hinckley, jr. was sent there. I was denied parole which I quickly qualified for which also was planned. So I maxed out at 40 months.
This case was totally unjust and absurd from the beginning. But the FBI has the advantage in court in many ways.
Fast forward to 2017. I decided to file a civil rights complaint in my standing as a declared candidate for third party/independent nomination for president. It was my fourth election cycle as a declared candidate. I felt I had a grasp of the problems of elections in USA and possible remedies. Well, I got gobbledygook from the District Court which was upheld by the Third Circuit Appellate Court. Again the fix was in. Unjust and absurd.
Now I am trying to inject some justice in the Bowers case. I believe he has a viable affirmative defense-not guilty by reason of self defense. Briefly, I submit that Israel is a racist, apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary international terrorist state. The Mossad are known to be international killers, including covert operations in the USA. The jews zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews are international terrorists. I believe a case can be made for this to an American jury and they would be favorably persuaded. I am able and willing to assist in Mr. Bowers’ defense, pro bono. I have tried to communicate this to the judge, magistrate, federal defenders, appointed counsel, Judy Clarke, as well as writing Mr. Bowers directly. I sent three letters certified return receipt requested and did in fact receive them. So SOMEBODY got those letters. I have called and left messages many times. I have heard just about nothing.
I have read in several places that Judy Clarke is trying to plea bargain for life imprisonment in exchange for the death penalty. This is ineffective assistance of counsel if Bowers has a viable affirmative defense. But does he realize this? I have requested to speak with Bowers and/or visit him. No response. I have also asked Chris Lesiak, a well known reporter/blogger on right wing politics to interview Bowers. He has expressed an interest but has made no progress to the best of my knowledge.
So this is the situation. We are approaching the one year anniversary. One year is generally considered to be approaching the outer limit of time for detention before trial so as to not violate a defendant’s right to a speedy trial. I am not satisfied with what has happened so far and am not sanguine about Mr. Bowers getting justice in U.S. Court. To me it appears that Mr Bowers is being held incommunicado until he submits to plea bargaining. This is what happened to me in 1985.
I am ALMOST to the point of declaring that I believe that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also a terrorist state, on similar grounds e.g. collusion with Israel.
Indirectly I believe that my participation in this case, if it leads to justice-dismissal, hung jury or best case scenario acquittal, will tend to vindicate my experiences in U.S. Court also. Proceed to trial forthwith with me as a defense assistant. Or dismiss all charges.
Let us hope and pray for justice in this case and a beginning of the end of the international terrorist state of Israel.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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