Nazis-You Can Beat The ZOG At Their Own Game AND Begin THE END OF ISRAEL by Defending The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of the shooting-October 27. The alleged shooter and only suspect is Robert Bowers. He is presently being detained without bail in US District Court for Western Pennsylvania. The US Attorney has filed intent to pursue the death penalty.
One year is generally considered the outer limit of detention in violation of a defendant’s right to a speedy trial. I believe Bowers is being detained incommunicado deliberately until he relents to plea bargaining. This is what happened to me in 1985 (in Philadelphia, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania), although in far less serious charges. Bowers must not plea bargain but rather try an affirmative defense-not guilty by reason of self defense and demand a jury trial. A single reactionary (democrat or republican) judge might rule against this defense but a jury of his peers will have at least one holdout for not guilty resulting in a hung jury. I actually believe a not guilty verdict is possible. The rationale is simple: Israel is a racist, apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary-hence terrorist-state. The jews of the world zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews of the world are terrorists. And HIAS, the Hebrew International Aid Society is a terrorist organization bringing terrorists en masse into the UNITED STATES.
I have tried contacting the Magistrate, Judge and federal defenders to no avail. Then the case was handed off to Judy Clarke of San Diego, a reknown defense attorney known for plea bargaining to avoid the death penalty which she has stated she is trying to do. I have tried contacting Clarke and her law partners in San Diego. Judy Clarke/Speedy Rice 619-308-8484, trip Johnston 619-756-7632, Jodi Thorp 619-233-3169.
I have tried to appeal to progressives and libertarians on my blog here at The PLAS Place to no avail. Now I appeal to various rightists to support Bowers’ defense.
If Bowers gets a dismissal, hung jury or best case scenario not guilty by reason of self defense, it could very well set the stage for the beginning of the end of Israel. How? Simple. If the affirmative defense of not guilty by reason of self defense is successful, then no one in the USA-read the world, will be held criminally responsible. The jews will have to relinquish their stranglehold on Palestine and seek some sort of refuge, presumably under United Nations authority and protection.
All that needs to be done is for the defense to put Israel on trial as a terrorist state.

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