I Repeat: A Call On U.S. Military and American First Responders to Take Over The Government, Establish Fair and Representative Elections. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have written about this before here at The PLAS Place.
Impeachment and the 25th Amendment are not good enough remedies; far from it.
The President’s recent decisions about Syria make this action more urgent.
I have put some considerable thought into the Turkey/Kurd situation some time ago.
First of all, Turkey’s claim of its reason for this unilateral military incursion is to return Syrian refugees in Turkey to Syria.
Turkey has a tainted credibility due to its genocide against Armenians early last century.
Any forced movement of significant numbers of refugees should be under control of the United Nations under strict circumstances, particularly the absence-at least cease fire-of hostilities.
Turkey has no claim to being European or North Atlantic except for an enclave of land around Istanbul. This is a vestige of the Ottoman Empire. I propose a purchase of this land by the UNITED STATES creating a Territory and possible additional state in the future. Proceeds to be dedicated to the solution to the Kurdish and Crete problems in Turkey. Turkey should not be admitted to the EU and should be promptly removed from NATO. Along with all NATO military equipment and weapons, particularly the nuclear weapons. If Turkey wants to go to the Dark Side with Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq, let them go.
Also I propose an immediate cease fire involving the Turkish incursion into Syria. Also immediate negotiations involving Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, possibly others in creating a contiguous homeland for the Kurds.
Impeachment and/or the 25th Amendment would leave us with Mike Pence as President and the duopoly republicans and democrats still in power and intact; with all their gridlock and corruption. Further, the flawed elections will still be in effect. Whereas if there were to be a military coup backed up by American First Responders, they could implement Top Ten to level the playing field in the next elections, November 2020. And install an acting President until such time as the new elections take effect i.e. January, 2021.
The President of the UNITED STATES must not be an ignorant, narcissistic, uncaring, illigitimate buffoon. A pussy grabbing boob. A wanna be dictator. The Electoral College miserably failed in its responsibility to not elect such a person to the Presidency, Due to Party loyalty over loyalty to the country and the office of the presidency. Likewise the military has a responsibility to not follow the orders of such a person. The rotten tomatoes and potatoes thrown at retreating US troops in Syria by the Kurds were actually being thrown at the illegitimate, unworthy President of the UNITED STATES.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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