Shame on the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

It has come to this. Longstanding disenfranchised, (stateless), besieged Kurdish civilians reportedly throwing rotten tomatoes and potatoes at retreating US troops.
Almost unbelievable shame.
I do not believe the troops deserved that. I blame the US government, particularly the illegitimate, unworthy President, Donald Trump.
The Kurds could not throw at Mr. Trump, a safe distance away, so they threw at the troops.
How could this happen? How DID this happen?
Well, we could start at the flawed 2016 election. You know, the one I filed a Civil Rights complaint about in US District Court for NJ , which was denied.
The US elections have been flawed since the beginning of the Republic, due to Duverger’s Law and the flawed Electoral College. Our elections are and have always been flawed in that they are unfair and unrepresentative. This could be remedied by Top Ten.
And they are close-between two and only two, parties split about 50/50 or upper 40’s, lower 50’s.
This very closeness makes them vulnerable to tweaking including by foreign governments.
Whereas Top Ten would level the playing field to approximately: democratic party @17%, republican party @17%, green party @ 27%, constitution party @27%, libertarian party @ 13%, reform party, unknown @, greatly variable. Making Top Ten elections far less vulnerable to such tweaking.
And the Electoral College failed miserably to weed out the unworthy candidate, Trump, putting party loyalty over the country and the integrity of the office of the presidency.
The oil belongs to the Kurds.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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